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Spring Cleaning



(Written by Gabrielle Jones)

Dusting windows and packing away winter wares is only one aspect of spring cleaning. Spring is the perfect time of year to clean up your business, and by cleaning we don’t mean washing walls and scrubbing floors. Using this time to reevaluate your goals for this year, ensure you're on track to exceed your expectations, and strengthen your team will be advantageous for your business. So here are a few tips to get started on the right path:

    • Evaluate your goals - What did you set out to accomplish this year? Are you on track to meet or exceed your expectations? Is it time to expand or rethink your goals? Don’t be afraid to change your goals. Flexibility is the key to surviving in business. Set benchmarks along the way to achieving goals so it’s easier to track your progress.
    • Observe your team - Do you and your employees use the word “I” or the word “we”? In business meetings is your team engaged and excited? Businessweek’s John Baldoni suggests putting your staff through spring training like baseball teams do every year. Consider letting staff work from a virtual office or telecommute. Studies have shown this can make workers happier and more productive.
    • Think about your clients - Are long-time clients staying with you? Is your staff meeting their needs? Are you getting new clients? Be open to using new methods to reach potential clients, like social media, in addition to the ones you traditionally use. Joey Faucette, author and life coach, takes a customer centered approach to professional spring cleaning. Take your customer service to another level by adding live receptionist staff to greet your clients when they visit, or a concierge that can assist them with dining, entertainment, and errands.
    • Improve your office - Is your desk clean and organized? Are there old documents you need to purge? Does the functionality and appearance of your office space measure up to the level of success and sophistication you want to present to clients? Life coach Erin Garcia stresses the importance of having a tidy work space.  Consider hiring a professional organizer or moving to an executive suite where you can get a high-end office for a manageable cost.

Written by Gabrielle Jones

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