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Spring Cleaning Hacks for Your Workspace



Spring is in full swing! There is a reason why this season is associated with fresh starts and renewal. After hunkering down for winter, that feeling of fresh beginnings kicks off with our physical spaces. Many Americans participate in “spring cleaning.” Dusting things off to enjoy the outdoors, clearing out clutter, and overall prepping ourselves for the rest of the year. You may have projects at home, but what about your workspace? Offices deserve our attention too! For the number of hours we spend in a workspace, do not neglect it during your spring cleaning. Here are some hacks to transform your space with minimal effort and time. 

1. Delete, Delete, Delete 


Clutter on your computer is just as problematic as piles of papers. Take time to organize your files and put them in folders by topic, account, client, etc. You may want to switch to Google Drive or Sharepoint to aid in the organization of work materials. Go through your hard drive and delete all those random photos and documents downloaded over the years. The same goes for emails, too. Hit that delete button and get rid of files, emails, and your frustrations! 

2. Everything Has a Place

Every item should have a proper place. Without a designated spot, your items will begin to clutter the workspace. Even something as small as a paperclip should have a drawer to call home. It may seem silly, but this hack will save you from frantic searches! 

3. Categorize 

wellness organized

Don’t have time to fully go through everything? Categorizing your items is the easiest way to see an impact without dedicating time to clearing things out. Grab a label maker and address file folders and storage containers. Create folders on your computer desktop to cut down on visual noise. Or even take a trusty stack of Post-Its and label piles or other materials in your surroundings. 

4. Only the Essentials 

Your desk is a sacred space. Only keep essential items within arms reach. That snow globe from a trip might look pretty, but it probably just gets in the way. Think chargers, pens, a notebook, a snack, a water bottle, medication, headphones, and other must-haves. Then, organize these within their own containers to create a contained space with everything you need. 

5. Four Month Rule 

Downtown - Office 3041

Stop spending time analyzing everything in your workspace. If you have not used something in your office in the past four months, you probably won’t be using it anytime soon. Either toss or donate any items that take up valuable space.

6. Designated Junk

Most people want to clear out their junk drawers- but we are encouraging you to have one. A singular dedicated catch-all space can actually be beneficial. Instead of junk creeping into the rest of the workspace, you have one spot for all of the knick-knacks, freebies, or other items that don’t have a place elsewhere.

Saving the best spring cleaning hack for last- working in a serviced shared workspace! At AdvantEdge, you’ll have a dedicated space without the responsibility of maintaining all areas. That way, you can focus spring cleaning solely on yourself and let us take care of the rest. Start off new this season with AdvantEdge Workspaces! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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