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How to Stay Warm and Dry During Your Commute


weatherproof-your-commute-blogSome mornings you walk outside and it's a beautiful day, other mornings not so much. For those foul weather wintry days, a little extra planning can help you arrive at the office in one business-ready piece. No matter what the weather is outside, here are a few key tips to keep you ahead of the game: 

Traffic and Metro problems can strike anytime with any weather; make sure you have an alternate route in case something gets jammed. If at all possible make sure your primary form of transportation isn’t your only form of transportation. Download a few apps to help plan various routes to the office or find a radio station with consistent weather and traffic updates to keep up while you’re driving.


A familiar friend to all of us in the DC area, rain can easily dampen your day. Keep an umbrella in your bag or desk drawer for unexpected showers and choose shoes that won’t get ruined when wet. If your commute requires a fair amount of walking, investing in some rain boots and a waterproof rain jacket aren’t bad ideas either. For our more self-assured commuters- a poncho is also an efficient way to keep the rain off, however I can’t promise style points will be granted.


So beautiful until your toes are soaked and freezing from trudging through all that slush! When the temperatures drop make sure to layer up to stay warm. Invest in footwear with anti-slip bottoms and change into more professional shoes when you arrive at the office. If you're driving, start your car a few minutes before to ensure all windows are cleared of frost by the time you leave.


The breezes off the Potomac can feel downright frigid in the winter months, not to mention the wind tunnels between buildings. On blustery days make sure to wear plenty of clothing to stay warm and try to limit your exposure to the elements. Wearing a hat, scarf, and mittens can keep you from feeling too frosty on a cold day.

While we can’t change the weather (even though sometimes we wish we could), you can be prepared for anything that comes your way. With appropriate footwear, warm layers, and a little extra planning you can breeze through the winter and avoid feeling like Frosty the Snowman on cold, wintry days.

Written by Madison Carson

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