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4 Hacks to Streamline Your Morning Routine & Get Out the Door Faster!


Waking up is hard to do! We set our alarms hacks to streamline your morning routinewith the best of intentions, only to get up 40 minutes later after hitting snooze seven times before realizing what time it is. Then comes the stress of finding something to wear (which hopefully doesn’t require ironing!), packing food for the day, and preparing for that dreaded commute to work.

If we’re lucky, traffic favors us that morning and we get to work on time despite having a late start. If we aren’t so lucky, then we are rushing in at the last minute while hoping that none of our co-workers notice us sneaking to our desks. If this has become your morning routine, it may be time to revisit the way you are organizing your time. Here are a few morning hacks that you may want to try for a smoother start to the day!

number oneMeal preparation (in advance)!

While it may take up much of your Sunday afternoon, preparing meals for the week in advance will free up a lot of your time while also saving you money on takeout lunches. Instead of rushing in the morning to prepare lunch for yourself and/or your family, everything will already be set aside for you to pack up and head out the door. If you’re new to meal prepping and in need of some ideas, check out this awesome meal prepping guide for beginners.

number 2 list itemUse the weekend to plan your outfits.

There is nothing worse than waking up late and rushing to put together an outfit in 5 minutes that we hope makes us look halfway decent. Instead of dealing with wardrobe-induced morning stress, take some time out of your Saturday or Sunday to check the weather, go through your wardrobe, and create polished outfits for the whole work week. If you need assistance in wardrobe planning, this article from Verily has some great tips.

number 3 list itemPlace your alarm clock on the other side of the room.

You can’t hit snooze if your alarm is out of reach! This is a great way to take the temptation out of the equation and get up when you’re really supposed to.

number 4 list itemDesignate a special place for your essential items.

This one seems obvious, but often the reason we are running late is because we can’t find essential items like our car keys, wallet, umbrella, etc. Keeping your important belongings in a special spot will eliminate this stress and get you out the door faster.

Remember, organization is the key to living stress-free!

Written by Malaika Newman

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