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Successfully Kickoff 2023 at Work With These 5 Tips



We are now well into the first week of 2023! A new year brings excitement and allows one to reassess. We all set goals and resolutions that are motivating and meaningful. But beyond this list, which may take all year to accomplish, what are some small things you can do to kick off the year now?  

1. Switch Workspaces

There’s no better way to kick off the year than switching to a shared workspace solution! From community to amenities to aesthetics, this type of workspace will serve you in 2023. Discover how you can have the best year ever with AdvantEdge Workspaces! 

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2. Prioritize Resolutions 

Take that resolutions list and keep it top of mind. Make a visual vision board as your screensaver, print out goals and put them on your desk, and add reminders to keep yourself on track. Set up recurring calendar notes so you have automatic check-in points toward progress. 

3. Healthy Habits 

January is inundated with messaging around exercise and food. Don’t fall for any crash plans and instead implement minor changes throughout the workday that will have a major impact. Click here for tips on having a healthier time at the office! 

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4. Re-Focus 

The first week of the year is always a time to de-clutter and re-focus for the next few months. Clear out one item or file each day from your physical or digital workspace. Treat yourself to a new planner or calendar for a fresh start. Then, test out some new productivity methods to ensure this will be the best and most efficient year yet! 

5. Try Something New  

New year, new you! Don’t wait to differentiate this year from the last one. Try something new by attending a class, striking up a conversation in the lounge, or networking. Pick up a personal or professional development book from a local store and start the path toward a different and better 2023.

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Make 2023 your best year yet! How are you kicking things off in January? Let us know in the comments: 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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