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Making it to the Office: How to Survive Your Commute Part Two


Author: Jillian Joseph

In our last blog post we discussed the stresses of the work-to-office commute for drivers, and now we offer you part two in our special transportation series!  So whip out your smartrip and get ready metro mavens, because this one is dedicated to your daily trek.

The WMATA is for many DC citizens their primary method of transportation to and from the office.  Given the day, this can either be a cost-effective way to keep your transport costs low or a stressful event marked by delays, long waits and packed train cars.  So here are some tips to help survive your metro trip:

    • If you have flexibility with your arrival and departure times at work, consider riding outside the peak hours - after 9:30am, before 3pm, and after 7pm on weekdays. You’ll save time and money as Reduced Fares are in effect during the off-peak periods.
    • On any given train, one or two cars may be crowded. This, however, doesn’t necessarily mean the entire train is crowded. Try boarding different cars to see if there is more room elsewhere.
    • After a delay in service has been cleared, it may be benefit to let the first, more crowded train, pass. There will probably be more room on the second train after service resumes.
    • Note the number of cars on approaching trains (posted on the electronic message signs) and spread out along the platform accordingly so that you may board the train quickly.
    • The busiest days on Metro are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.
    • Having a round-trip farecard, pass, or SmarTrip® card with sufficient value for your trip will save you time as you won't have to buy another fare when you return.

Stay tuned for the final part in our special commute series next week, cyclists you won’t be left out!

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Written by Trey Jones

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