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Making it to the Office: How to Survive Your Commute Part Three


Author: Trey Jones

In our last blog post we discussed the stresses of the work-to-office commute for metro riders, and now we offer the final post in our special transportation series!  If you are a devoted cyclist, then pay attention, as this is for you brave souls.

Washington, DC is a very bike-friendly city: one simply has to look around and witness the sheer amount of cyclists riding through the streets, the various bike rails, or the metro bus bike rack option.  Therefore here a few tips for those who brave wind, snow, rain, and heat to ride their bike to work (and be a little bit more environmentally friendly in the process):

    • Ride a simple bike that won’t cause a lot of mechanical problems. A steel, fixed geared bike will probably go for years without major issues.

    • Check your bike every weekend- regular riding will cause wear on the consumable parts of your bike and you’ll want to make sure you catch any problems early.

    • Keep toiletries and an extra pair of clothes at the office. No need to carry them back and forth each day.

    • Pack the night before and only pack essentials!  Organizing the night before will reduce your stress the next morning.

    • Plan your route ahead of time.  There are generally several different ways to get from your house to the office. Use a tool such as Google Maps to plan a route that is not only scenic but also avoids dangerous roads and road work.

    • Check the weather nightly – Keep an eye on local weather so you can plan to dress for the temperature and potential precipitation.

Just a reminder for AdvantEdge West End tenants: Our 24th Street Executive Suites are located in the World Wildlife Fund building, which features a secure bike area in addition to private lockers in the fitness center for tenants who bike to work daily.

This concludes our special commute blog series!  We hope we’ve been helpful in making your work travels just a little bit less stressful.  For more helpful hints, please visit www.commuterpage.com or www.commuterconnection.com.  Safe travels!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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