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Go Green! Tips for a Sustainable Summer Workplace


Sustainability and environmental responsibility are goals that should be universally shared by individuals and businesses alike. As a company, AdvantEdge has created opportunities for our clients to reduce their workplace carbon footprint. From recycling programs at each center to LEED certified locations and Energy Star ratings, we strive to foster a business environment that looks to take care of our natural environment. How can we go beyond basic steps to consciously reduce our environmental impact? Click the link below to find out how you can go green with AdvantEdge and follow these innovative methods to create a more eco-friendly office community:

Find Office Space in Washington, DC 

1. Replace business travel with teleconferencing

Holding meetings over video conferencing technology or via conference call rather than sending employees out of town via planes, trains, or cars can have tremendous effects on carbon emission from fuel, not to mention save you the hassle at the airport.

2. Switch to automated lighting

Automated lighting systems help when employees may forget to turn off the light before leaving the office for the day, reducing wasteful energy consumption. These lighting systems allow users to adjust intensity and timer-based settings for maximum energy conservation.


Powering down your electronics and unplugging non-essential appliances also reduces excess energy use.

3. Carpool or use Public Transport. 

CommuterPage.com has many options for commuting to work that save energy - the best metro routes, ride sharing boards, and other group or public methods to commute to work in the DC area. Not ready to consider carpooling? Apps such as Commute Greener help you track your emissions over time. Switching up how you get to work could make a big dent in wasted energy.

4. Reduce wasteful printing.

Print on the back of used papers, or focus on email as a way of sending information. If printed sheets are necessary, use double-sided printing and recycled paper to reduce waste as well.

5. Stop junk mail from cluttering your mailbox and inbox.

Junk mail can prove to be an unnecessary waste of paper as well as energy if received online. 41pounds.com, a nonprofit service that removes you from the contact lists of direct mailers takes care of pesky mail that usually ends up in the trash.

6. Exchange items instead of throwing them out.

Check out www.freecycle.org for free local exchanges to reduce excessive waste and landfill cluttering. You can also develop your own freecycle program within your company where employees can share and exchange office products.

Over time all these little efforts add up! At Advantedge we do as much as we can to provide premier full-serviced workspaces that are friendly to the environment. Following these tips and working together with our clients, we do all that we can to ensure brighter, and cleaner, workspaces.

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