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Vacation Worry-Free This Summer!


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Summer is supposed to be a season for relaxation and family time, but as a business owner, leaving your business behind while you travel can produce a lot of anxiety. When you work with AdvantEdge, you can take a little snooze in the sun or splash around in the pool or ocean while knowing your business won't miss a beat! At AdvantEdge, our team is truly your team; our Client Services staff will get to know you and the way you operate so that we can help run your business while you are away! Here are some ways we keep things running smoothly at the office while you are on vacation.

Phones: We can forward your calls directly to your cell wherever you are, so your clients and colleagues don't even need to know you're out of the office. We can also take messages and pass them along to you so you can relax and enjoy your vacation time!

Mail: We can handle all of your incoming and outgoing mail while you are out of the office. If there is something you need to be sent while you are away, just leave it with us and we’ll take care of it. No need to worry about signing for packages or leaving something important waiting for you in the mailbox. We can even provide updates as to what mail has arrived for you while you are away and scan or fax it to you wherever you are!

Maintenance and cleaning: You can leave a little mess without a guilty conscience. We keep your office spiffy with routine cleanings and it's our job to repair and maintain office equipment, including printers, shredders, coffee, tea, and seltzer machines, and more! 

Working on the road: Sometimes, you need to take your work with you, and we understand that. AdvantEdge can help you work anywhere in the world.. even if we’re not there! We are a member of ABCN, which provides access to a network of businesses centers around the world where you can have meetings or just stop by to get some work done.


Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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