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Tech We Love to Work With!


tech we love

We are living in an era that seems to produce new technological innovations and inventions nearly every day. Many of these developments have contributed to making our workdays more efficient and enjoyable; here are a few of our favorites!

  • HubSpot: The AdvantEdge team relies on HubSpot to manage many of our sales and marketing processes. This is an intuitive and organized method of monitoring communication with leads and tracking potential and closed deals over time. It’s also very easy to link HubSpot to our email and social media accounts to facilitate a unified approach to our outreach efforts.
  • Slack: This messaging and video chat app helps us maintain constant communication through our phones and computers. AdvantEdge has a large, hands on team and it’s important for us to be in contact throughout the day to handle office logistics like mail, phone calls and visitors.
  • De Jong Duke Coffee Machine: Many of us get our workday started with a cup of coffee, and this high-tech beverage machine is there to help! The de Jong Duke takes whole coffee beans and produces dozens of options from cappuccinos to espressos, it even lets you adjust the boldness of your coffee to your personal preference.

  • Softphone by essensys: This technology enables phone calls to be automatically forwarded from a landline to a cellphone, so our teammates and clients can always reach us, even when we are on the go. We really enjoy the Voicemail to Email feature which places voicemail recordings directly into our inboxes!

  • Social Media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook help us engage with our partners and clients in DC and around the World! We share updates about developments and events at AdvantEdge and post interesting news and resources relating to the DC business community. It makes us happy to see the incredible accomplishments and adventures from our social media friends far and wide.

  • Dropbox: Dropbox allows our team to share large files in a central database without having to send them back and forth via email. Our marketing and sales teams rely on Dropbox to store photos of our facilities and other promotional materials.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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