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The Best Place for Your Student To Learn Online



The majority of school districts have opted for online learning this fall, leaving many working parents with no option but to monitor schooling while trying to get their jobs done from home. As DMV area students return to school this week, parents have to choose to go back into the office, where they likely feel their most productive selves, or to stay home to supervise the school day. But what if every day was bring your kid to work day? At AdvantEdge Workspaces, full-time clients can do just that by reserving small private office spaces for their children to learn in, at no additional cost.

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Students can experience the same work from home fatigue that adults do. Being on Zoom for hours a day, completing assignments, and doing projects can be hard to do from a bedroom or in another distracting space. A clean, professional office space removes the desire to hop into bed or turn on the TV during the day. Small, private offices with a desk and ample room to spread out papers will give your child the space they need to thrive. AdvantEdge will also provide amenities that students are used to having access to in school, such as printing services and high-speed WiFi. Your scholar can say goodbye to lagging video calls and slow upload times, and hello to a smooth online learning experience!

Bringing your student to AdvantEdge can also help alleviate child care concerns. Even if your child is old enough to stay home alone, you may feel better being able to keep an eye on them and know that they are staying on track. For children who aren’t old enough to stay home alone, working from AdvantEdge provides a safe solution that allows you to still access your office space and amenities without needing to find a babysitter. We aim to provide an environment where your child can have a safe and productive school year- and you can have peace of mind!


The best part about your child learning from the office with you? AdvantEdge Workspaces will donate an iPad to a child in need every time an additional office is rented. Access to WiFi-enabled devices is a huge barrier to online learning that disproportionately puts lower-income students at a disadvantage. Providing portable devices for free is a way to help students stay connected and successfully learn while we wait for in-person classes to resume.

Contact us today at info@advantedgebc.com to book a spot for your student! We require just one day’s notice, allowing you to keep your schedule flexible. If having a professional workspace for your child to use seems like the best solution for online learning, but you are not a full-time AdvantEdge Client, contact us today to learn more about our shared workspace solutions!

Learn more about our shared office space!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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