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The Best Snacks to Keep in Your Workspace


Did you know February is National Snack Food Month? It’s time to continue our healthy new year’s resolutions from January and revamp our snack game at work. Snacks provide a way to break up the day and bring some joy into a hectic schedule. We’ve rounded up some top picks to tide you over at your desk no matter what mood you are in!

To Fill You Up

B8991DCB-4097-4F11-9CA1-C5979B9978CFFor those times when a granola bar or bag of chips just isn’t going to cut it, you’ll want a snack that feels more like a mini-meal. Denser protein/macro bars, such as Perfect Bar or Epic, are a bit higher in calories but pack a larger punch. High protein will help you stay fuller for longer, instead of going down the endless snacking path.

If you have access to hot water or can have a kettle in the office, keep products such as instant oatmeal packets or noodle cups for a snack that will warm and fill you up.

For Energy


Feeling like you could take a nap at any moment during the workday? Try switching up your snacking game to stay alert! Fruits such as apples and oranges are portable and don’t require refrigeration- making them ideal for desk life. Other great energy-boosting options include hummus with veggies or seed crackers, nut butter (tip: buy single-serving packets for portion control), air-popped popcorn, hard-boiled eggs, and even a square of dark chocolate for a hint of caffeine.

A Work Day Pick-Me-Up

Instead of heading to a local coffee shop and spending money on overpriced pastries and coffee, keep your desk drawer filled with items that are perfect for that necessary midday pick-me-up. You’ll want a combination of sweet and savory snacks to be prepared for any craving. For sweet treats stick to things that are low in added or artificial sugar to prevent feeling sluggish afterward. Try organic dried fruit, energy bites (typically made with dates), flavored yogurt.

For the more savory days, sticks to snacks that won’t get your hands messy or require a vacuum to get up all the crumbs. Think trail mix, baked chips, jerky, cheese, and cut-up vegetables.


Drinks at work can be more than just a plain cup of coffee or a water bottle. If you have access to a refrigerator, add some beverages that provide more than hydration. Bottled smoothies or pressed juices are filling and a great E3B5B1DC-0762-4C44-AC44-B140085668E6way to add in more fruit and vegetable servings into your diet. Kombucha is the perfect drink for some fizz, while also being packed with probiotics for good gut health. Matcha and bottled ice coffee can provide that caffeine boost, while coconut water is great for refreshing yourself during a long day. Plus, we can't forget about the classic sparkling water. We all have to stay hydrated during the day, so you might as well have fun with your beverages and try new types and flavors!

Now that you’re ready to up your snack game, it’s time to think if your workspace can help you achieve your food goals. It’s important to be in a space with a full kitchen area and the ability to add your own food storage solutions in the office. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our clean, modern lounge areas and variety of office spaces can suit all of your snacking needs!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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