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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Makes Teleworking Work!


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Coworking Makes Teleworking Work!

Technology is growing and evolving all the time, and the workplace is adapting along with it. Today more employers than ever are offering some variety of teleworking or remote working options for their employees. At AdvantEdge, we make it super easy to collaborate, even if you have team members working from their home offices or from hundreds of miles away!

Here are a few ways that our team helps your team work together, no matter where you are:

  • Make Meetings Easy: Our facilities and equipment make it convenient and comfortable to work together with your team, whether you’re in the same place or not. We offer a variety of conference room configurations to accommodate all sizes and styles of meeting. Our conference rooms are also all equipped with the technology to allow you to connect with your remote colleagues with a conference call or video chat.
  • Streamlined Phone System: One of the most annoying aspects of having various colleagues working in different locations is handling phone logistics. If someone calls your main number but needs to get transferred to someone who is working remotely, what should you do? With AdvantEdge, all of your calls will come directly to our support staff, and are then routed to the intended recipient, no matter where in the world they might be.
  • Flexible Workspace: Even if your colleagues are working from home or from another city, they might like a place to work when they are in the office or in town. AdvantEdge offers a variety of common areas and businesses lounges where your coworkers can get some work done in comfort and enjoy all of our amenities.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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