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Get the Support You Need at Work!


When you think of coworking, you might think of communal business lounges and happy hours, but maybe the most valuable aspect of working in a shared workspace is the support staff that helps your business day-to-day. Here are a few ways that AdvantEdge’s Client Services team can provide the infrastructure where your business can succeed.


Phones: At AdvantEdge we handle each clients’ incoming phone calls according to their personal specifications. You can tell us exactly how you would like incoming callers to be greeted, if you would like calls forwarded to your cell phone, home phone, or office, and even change your forwarding directions at a moments’ notice if needed.


Mail: When you’re at a shared office space, it’s like having your own personal post office right where you work. Just drop your outgoing mail off at the front desk and one of the Client Services Coordinators can make sure it gets to the correct destination. Our team can also deliver your incoming mail directly to your desk or forward it to another location if you are out of the office.


Administrative Tasks: You never know when a new project might come up or you might need a hand with some paperwork. Luckily, AdvantEdge’s administrative team is available and prepared to jump into action when you need a little extra help.

We know running your own organization is a major responsibility, that’s why we are there to have your back every day and every step of the way. Give us a call to talk more about how AdvantEdge can help you thrive at work!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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