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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Will Help You Balance



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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Will Help You Balance

January is Balanced Life Month, so there’s no better time to start your year off right by making sure that you’re maintaining a healthy equilibrium in your personal and professional life. Coworking offers you the tools and infrastructure to make the most of your workday while enjoying a robust social life as well!


Here are 4 ways that joining a coworking space can help you achieve the work-life balance you have been looking for:


1. Exercise

Yoga sessions on Tuesday afternoons and Body Sculpt workouts on Thursdays are a convenient way to get a little workout in at the end of the day! One of the many complimentary services AdvantEdge provides for the community to enjoy.


2. Socialize At Work

AdvantEdge’s much anticipated events like the Holiday Party, March Madness, and the Pumpkin Carving Contest are a chance to get the know the rest of the community and the kitchen and lounge areas offer a warm environment to interact with one another throughout the day.


3. Work Wherever You Want

We can forward your calls and mail to you wherever you are, so don’t worry about taking a vacation with your family, traveling for a business meeting, or working from home.


4. Flex Your Schedule

With AdvantEdge, you have 24/7 access to sleek facilities in prime DC addresses, you can work on your hours and still enjoy a great professional environment. Both locations have underground parking and are easily accessible by public transportation.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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