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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Will Improve Your Social Life


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Coworking Will Improve Your Social Life

In a fast-paced professional environment like DC, it’s easy to get so wrapped up in your work that you begin to miss out on valuable social events and interactions. Of course you want to get all of your work done, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance will actually make you more productive and give you a more positive outlook when you are at the office. Joining a coworking space can help you be more productive and give you access to a fun and supportive community.

Shared Space: AdvantEdge’s facilities at two prime DC locations include comfortable yet sleek common areas, kitchens and lounges where you can relax during your lunch break, enjoy complementary tea and coffee, and mingle with other community members. These public spaces provide the opportunity for low key social interactions throughout the day, as you get to know the other entrepreneurs and advocates working around you.

Annual Events: The Holiday Party, March Madness, Halloween and July 4th are all much anticipated festivities for the entire AdvantEdge community to come together for a little fun during the work week. These milestones are a way for management to show their appreciation for the community and for you to build relationships and friendships with your peers.

Social Gatherings: AdvantEdge hosts informal activities and events frequently in order to give community members a great excuse for to get out from behind their desks or computers for a break in the workday. The EdgeTalks series is like a mini Ted Talk (with lunch included), with speakers sharing informational and entertaining presentations covering a vast range of topics. Community members also enjoy birthday celebrations, meme caption contests, make-your-own hot chocolate bars, arts and crafts, and a variety of other activities.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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