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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Will Make You Feel Special!


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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Will Make You Feel Special!

AdvantEdge has been working hand in hand with the DC business community for over 30 years. We appreciate our community members and are constantly inspired and amazed by their incredible work... clearly the feeling is mutual, because many of our clients have trusted us to help run their businesses for over a decade. There are a multitude of options in coworking and traditional office space, but what sets us apart is the comfortable atmosphere and manner in which we express our appreciation for our community members. Here are a few reasons why our clients feel special when they work at AdvantEdge.

You can count on us!

Our team is there to greet you with a smile every single morning, and it’s our job to make sure your workday is productive and stress-free! For each meeting, appointment and phone call, we will be there to support you and make sure everything goes according to plan. You can rest easy knowing that you have a team backing you up!


We care about you, not just your business.

At AdvantEdge, each community member has direct access to company leadership, whether it be for negotiating lease agreement terms or discussing upcoming vacation plans. It’s easy to see why many of our clients have worked with us for years and trust us in moments of crisis; the genuine connections they have formed with our staff can’t be replicated or replaced!


Let us treat you!

We know that the little details can make a big difference! The AdvantEdge community enjoys perks like complementary tea and coffee, bagels, fruit, pastries and yogurt on Friday mornings, and community gatherings like March Madness and the Pumpkin Carving Contest. Our community members are passionate and hardworking entrepreneurs and advocates, but sometimes a moment of socializing or lightheartedness can be just what they need to propel them through the rest of the workday.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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