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The ProWorking AdvantEdge: Coworking Works for Nonprofits!



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Coworking Works for Nonprofits!
Managing any organization is a lot of work, and the nonprofit sector presents its own set of challenges. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness are especially crucial for nonprofits, which is why shared workspaces provide an ideal infrastructure for these organizations. There are several factors that make nonprofits and coworking a great match:


Spread the Word

A major aspect of the mission of many nonprofits is to spread awareness around an issue or cause. Running your organization at a shared workspace provides built in networking opportunities, both formal and informal. At AdvantEdge, our clients get to know each other daily when they stop by our kitchen areas to get a cappuccino or take a lunch break in our lounges, and they also get to mingle during our holiday parties and educational EdgeTalk events. You never know who your next supporter or ally may be.


Be Nice to Your Budget

Running your organization at a coworking space provides nonprofits with lower infrastructure costs, allowing you to devote more of your finances to getting things done in the field! You'll save on business equipment, like printers, copiers, phones and fax machines, and at AdvantEdge, we offer complimentary tea, coffee and flavored soda water in our kitchen areas so you can save yourself the time and money from going to the coffee shop.


We’ve Got Your Back

Many nonprofits are accustomed to punching above their weight class, with a small staff and big goals. Our fully-serviced office spaces provide your organization with live reception and an administrative team ready to jump into action; we’ve got the support structure to empower you to forget about the details and focus on the big picture. Sometimes projects or campaigns may arise that require extra help for just a few hours or days, in those circumstances you can hire our team members at an hourly rate rather than looking for contractors or volunteers.


The Power of Sharing

Since all members of a coworking community share the amenities, they also share the cost. This may seem simple, but it makes a huge difference; by pooling their budgets, our community members are able to access top-notch amenities that they may not be able to afford individually. AdvantEdge’s facilities boast a variety of state of the art conference rooms, professional lounge areas, and kitchens for the entire community to enjoy.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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