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Build Your Network with Coworking!


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The events and developments of the past two years have drastically altered how and where most of us get our work done. More and more businesses and entrepreneurs are foregoing traditional office space and looking to coworking solutions to meet the needs of their organizations; a trend that was already in motion but has escalated since 2020.

At AdvantEdge, we have our own take on coworking we call ProWorking. For more than three decades, we have built our reputation on providing beautiful, fully furnished, and tech-equipped private offices, suites, meeting rooms, and business lounges paired with wide-ranging administrative support services.  While some coworking spaces may opt for the more casual approach, here at AdvantEdge we are committed to providing the professionalism and attention to detail for our coworking and virtual community members that we have established as a standard for all of our clients!  

One of the many benefits of coworking is the access it provides to a professional network. If you've ventured to a few professional networking events, you have spent time, money, or a bit of angst, if not all three. Is anyone actually doing business? Are we just here to small talk? Would I have been more productive if I had just stayed at the office and worked on that project that's due next week?

With coworking, you get the best of both worlds; the opportunity to socialize when you want to and the space to focus on the task at hand when you don’t want any distractions. Coworking creates a natural environment for networking that encourages genuine human connection rather than superficial small talk. You get to see the same people every day or every week; some of them within your own field of work, and others with totally unique backgrounds and skillsets. Connecting with others in our line of work can give us the opportunity to build relationships with mentors and learn from their experiences. It's also important to include professionals from outside of your field in your network so you can share different perspectives and provide referrals between industries. 

There is one characteristic that defines every client at AdvantEdge; all are highly motivated to achieve their goals and succeed in their professional lives. By getting to know other coworkers over time while you get a cup of coffee or at office events, you build genuine relationships that strengthen your professional network. So go ahead and join the AdvantEdge community... you can thank yourself later as you grow and thrive socially and professionally!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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