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7 Tips for Reducing Stress and Staying Productive in a Healthier Office


At AdvantEdge, we know how important it is for companies to maximize their efficiency, and one of the best ways to achieve this is by encouraging staff and employees to take the necessary steps to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in and out of the office. Throughout the year we will bring you experiences and tips about working in a healthy office that can help create a workplace that nurtures both individual achievement and company success.

Here are 7 general guidelines to keep your productivity trending up while avoid employee burnout:

  1. Settle in-

    Add your own personal touches to make your office personal and individualized. Hang up degrees and achievements and choose energizing colors to stimulate your productivity.

  2. Establish a morning routine-

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the brain functions better in people that routinely eat breakfast. Also try a crossword or puzzle to kick start your brain out of morning grogginess.

  3. Drink more water-

    Staying hydrated not only helps with overall brain and body function but it can also help stave off those mid-meeting munchies. Bring in your own glass or water bottle and refill multiple times a day.

  4. Mingle and move-

    Many times clients also find that by meeting other companies they can build business partnerships and expand their reach. Also, being polite and getting to know those that work around you helps you feel more settled into a new environment, which can reduce stress.

  5. Bring your own lunch-

    Save money and time by bringing your lunch from home. Not only are homemade lunches often times more healthy than restaurant items, but not having to run out leaves more time for relaxing and regaining focus.

  6. Set goals-

    Studies show that employees are more passionate about their work when they make goals for themselves and set plans for reaching those goals. Companies should make goals collectively and employees should set personal goals to maintain focus on fulfilling the company’s mission.

  7. Find balance-

     Your office is where you work, but it is also just a part of your life as a whole. If you are most efficient by working for 40 minutes and then getting up to take a short break, bring those behaviors into the work environment to make the days more successful.

At AdvantEdge, we know that working smarter not only eases the burden of stress, but also helps companies achieve their goals faster. By promoting a healthy work environment in which our clients can find spaces and tools to work efficiently, productively, and effectively, we strive to foster a healthy office environment for all. 

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Written by Jennifer Vitek

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