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Tips for Self-Care and Balance From Advantedge Workspaces



In this edition of #InsideAdvantEdge, we are covering tips for practicing self-care during these times. We need ways to relax and recharge amidst a global pandemic and the uncertainty it has produced in many aspects of our lives. Self-care isn't just fancy skincare and binging Netflix shows (although that is nice!), it’s also proper work/life balance, establishing boundaries, and taking care of our mental health in meaningful ways. Read on for how AdvantEdge clients and staff are taking care while staying at home!

1. Stick to a Schedule

Lots of AdvantEdge members say that keeping a schedule has been key to maintaining a sense of normalcy. Waking up, changing out of pajamas, taking a lunch break, and ending work at a reasonable time can help us focus during the day. If things are feeling a bit monotonous, schedule more fun into your 9-5! Try out new things like virtual exercise classes or practicing a language on DuoLingo. Although it may seem silly at first, the act of putting down even the smallest things on your calendar can help you manage time better. And the best part- you will have meaningful, fun breaks instead of loosing 20 minutes to mindless phone scrolling. Now, that is a scheduling tip we can get behind!

2. Sign Off

To keep yourself from accessing work after hours, try an app like SelfControl to block work emails and any other related apps or websites on your devices. You can also program specific phone numbers to ring on silent so that calls won’t interfere with your relaxation. If the pull of checking “just one” email is too strong, consider a physical barrier to your work materials, such as putting them in a drawer or covering your workspace with a tablecloth.

3. Treat Yourself

You deserve to treat yourself! We are in a “new normal,” and it is ok to feel like you need an extra boost. Order take out from your favorite restaurant. Put on a facemask while you work. Buy a new book and read it outside uninterrupted. Splurge on an item that has been on your wishlist forever. Or partake in a social distancing-friendly activity like outdoor happy hour, playing tennis, golfing, or even a drive-in movie theater night. While life does not look like it used to, there are still many ways to treat yourself- plus, you might even discover a new activity along the way!

4. Stay On Top of Mental Health

Carving out time for yourself can be difficult in between work and caring for others, but it is essential. Schedule “me” time into your calendar. By taking these moments of alone time, whether it is a walk around the block or a night to yourself, you will be able to recharge and feel better during the workday. Click here for our remote work mental health tips, and here for more info on how you can feel your best during the day.

AdvantEdge Workspaces prides itself on being a space that prioritizes wellness. With lots of quiet spaces, lounge areas, yoga classes, and even massage chairs, there is always a way that you can decompress while at work. Tap the button below to learn more about our wellness initiatives:

Wellness @ AdvantEdge 


Written by Juliana Levinson

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