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Tips for Staying Cool At Work This Summer



This summer, DMV area residents can expect more record hot days, with temperatures well into the 90s and high humidity. The heat can make even the simplest tasks unbearable, yet we are still expected to go about our daily lives. To prevent heat-related illnesses and discomfort, here is how you can stay cool in the office: 

1. Stay Healthy 

Heat-related illnesses can be incredibly dangerous. It is important to know the symptoms to prevent an extreme case. Dizziness, nausea, fatigue, headaches, high body temperature, and hot skin that is red without sweat are all warning signs that you need to slow down, get cool, and potentially seek medical attention. 

2. Stay Cool

Literally, stay out of the heat! Work in an air-conditioned space. Take public transit if you typically bike or walk to work. Carry a mini fan or spray bottle to keep your body temperature down when you need to be outdoors. While inside, add a fan to your office space to stay extra cool. From standing fans to clip-on desk ones, there is something for every need. 

3. Stay Hydrated


You cannot forget to drink water when it is hot out. Buy yourself an insulated water bottle that will keep your drink cool for hours. Make sure your workspace has ice and a fridge to keep beverages nice and frosty. Set a hydration goal for yourself and put reminders on the calendar to pause and sip throughout the day. 

4. Stay Comfortable 

If we are physically uncomfortable at our desks, it can set the tone for a bad day. Wear lightweight fabrics and layers so that you don’t need to be in a suit all day. Upgrade your wardrobe with summer essentials such as work-appropriate hats, sunglasses, and tops. Invest in sweat-wicking fabrics to keep the heat at bay as you commute in. You’ll also want to have a change of clothes on hand if you get caught in a summer storm. 

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Simple changes and preparations can ensure you stay safe and can enjoy the summer- despite the heat. If you are in need of a cool place to work, check out AdvantEdge Workspaces- we won’t look twice if you show up with a personal fan! 

Stay Cool at AdvantEdge

Written by Juliana Levinson

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