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Tomorrow's Business Gadgets


Technology is constantly evolving with "the latest and greatest" devices invented left and right.  While there are some that seem simply like expensive toys, there are many others that we here in the executive suites industry feel could make day-to-day life in the business world much easier! This past January, the International Consumer Electronics Show debuted new devices from major brands as well as independent technology entrepreneurs.  Here are three upcoming devices that would be especially helpful for any professional:

    • Shahyaan Desai and Brad Treat, two technology entrepreneurs from Cornell University, created their company Mezmeriz Inc. around a specific goal to create a projector small enough to be placed into any hand-held computer device including a smart phone, tablet, etc.  Treat explains how a full color video image is produced when its “patented mirrors rapidly scan laser beams thousands of times a second.”  The projector would be especially beneficial to on-the-go professionals who conduct meetings in multiple locations and need to be able to show information and images wherever they are.

    • The iTwin has been created for an easier, more secure way to store and share data files.  Currently a portable flash drive is the most commonly used method to access files from any computer.  This method is nothing new but the problem of losing the portable flash drive has always been present.  Recently, web-based storing services have been a solution to portable flash drives but their drawbacks include limited storage space, cost, and security issues to name a few.  The iTwin combines positives from both methods by virtue of its two key parts: one which connects to your main computer and the other which is a portable device.  Plugging the portable into another web-connected computer allows direct access to the original computer where the other part of the iTwin is plugged in.  The benefits of this device allows for the same amount of storage space as a normal flash drive but if one part gets lost, no data is lost!  One noted drawback is that it only allows sharing between two computers, however Apple has said it's currently working to improve the iTwin to allow multiple computers to share the files.

    • Finally the Xi3 device is a new computer that is only about four by four inches.  Besides its incredibly small size, its most distinguishing feature is that it's designed to be simple and easy for the consumer.  Its main functions are split into three parts: one for unit communications, the second for the processor, and the last for power. This makes it easy to repair or upgrade each part separately.  The Xi3 is also durable with a life expectancy of up to 10 years.  In addition, the Xi3 is considered a green option, using only about 20 watts of electricity compared to 100-400 watts that other computers use.  Despite its features, a drawback is that even though its size is convenient it is not as portable as tablets or notebooks because it still requires a monitor, wall power, a keyboard, and a network connection.

While countless new gadgets are set to come out in the near future, these three devices will undoubtedly be notable advancements for daily business.  All are still in the prototype phase, but their releases are ultimately hotly anticipated by both the technology and business worlds.

Written by Trey Jones

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