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Top 3 Desirable Benefits For Employees



Today is National Employee Benefits Day, which aims to encourage discussion around benefits packages and perks between employees and companies. When hiring and retaining talent, it takes more than just the salary. Benefits can be the difference between an average and a stellar work experience. There are benefits that employees expect to a certain degree: health insurance, paid time off policies, sick days, etc. However, think outside the box for how you can expand benefits in a way that will positively impact one’s experience at work. Here are three desirable categories that you can think about adding on National Employee Benefits Day! 

1. Wellness Benefits 

Wellness encompasses the mind, body, and soul. Going beyond health insurance, many benefits can be offered in this category. For the mind, ensure your health plans cover therapy and encourage a positive work/life balance. For the body, offer gym memberships and education around healthy eating. For the soul, meditation classes, mental health days, and personal development opportunities are a great place to start. 


Want to ensure you are promoting wellness at work? Choose the right workspace! An office space that provides on-site gym facilities and classes, healthy lunch options, and calming spaces to take a break in, can help employees stay well-rounded. Promoting wellness starts with how you operate your business, and the workspace helps set the tone. 

2. Flexibility 

If the past year has taught us anything, it is that flexibility reigns supreme nowadays. Employees will be seeking out workplaces that can accommodate their schedules and lifestyles. Flexing hours is a popular benefit, perfect for parents or simply people who find themselves more productive outside the confines of 9-5. For those who have adjusted well to remote work, offer a hybrid plan that enables them to stay at home certain days of the week. Flexibility also extends to time off. Policies such as floating holidays or extended family leave are examples of what employees look for in a benefits package.

3. Office Amenities 


The workspace itself can be a perk for employees. Instead of a drab floor filled with cubicles, working in a bright, fun, modern, and unique space can make a huge difference in one’s day. Providing a stipend for employees to make their office space their own is a great benefit to start with. 

Workspace events and community gatherings are an additional perk that goes a long way. Happy hours, lunch and learns, and holiday celebrations are complementary elements that come with the shared workspace experience. 

An incredible workspace experience is a continual benefit for all employees. A space rife with amenities and support, that is comfortable to work in is bound to be a draw. With AdvantEdge Workspaces, you can upgrade the employee experience. From unlimited coffee and tea to state-of-the-art workout facilities to rooftop access- there is something for everyone. Take a tour today to see how employees can benefit from a shared workspace!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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