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Top 3 Reasons You Get Sick in the Fall



Fall is a truly beautiful time of year. The smell of Pumpkin Spice is in the air. The leaves are changing. The mornings are cool and brisk. With all the beauty that Fall brings, unfortunately you may also find yourself getting sick more often. As we make the transition from summer to fall, here are the top 3 reasons why you may be feeling under the weather and some important tips to keep you healthy.

1. Viruses Love Temperature Shifts

If you happen to catch the common cold more often this time of year, there are two main culprits responsible. They flourish in cooler weather, and their names are Rhinovirus and Coronavirus. Protect yourself from these cold agents by washing your hands more often, getting enough sleep to support your immune health and keeping your hands away from your nose and eyes. The nose and eyes are easy pathways for viruses to enter the body.

sick person.jpg

2. Fall is a perfect time for the flu

Just like its friends Rhinovirus and Coronaviris, the influenza virus also spreads most effectively when the air is cold and dry. Health clinics and pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens provide affordable flu shots either by appointment or walk-in visits. Try this website if you are looking for a place to get vaccinated. One quick prick can save you days of flu-induced misery. Also, don’t skimp on the fruits and vegetables. They are great for supporting immune health, which may lower your susceptibility to being plagued by fall viruses. 

cold flul symptoms.png

3. Your Immune System is in Overdrive

If you have seasonal allergies, you’re familiar with the congestion, runny nose and itchy eyes that come along with them. According to Dr. Benjamin Kaplan in an article published on Live Science, your immune system may go into overdrive as it reacts to your allergies, leaving you more vulnerable to viral contagions. Regular exercise in combination with a healthy diet can give your immune system the boost that it needs to mitigate vulnerabilities caused by your allergies.

Here at AdvantEdge, we care about your well being! Thus, we have taken the following steps to keep you healthy so that you can enjoy our coworking space to the fullest:

1. Offer hand sanitizer at every exit point and reception desk
2. Maintain a constant temperature throughout - season to season
3. Provide Friday breakfast which includes flu-fighting fruits such as red and green apples. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

For additional tips on staying healthy, check out our blog post on maintaining health in an office setting: Healthy Working


Written by Malaika Newman

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