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Top 4 Fun Team Building Activities That People Will Actually Want to Do



A solid and in-sync team is integral to the success of a business. The relationships between people can either help you thrive. Over the years, team building has gotten a bad rap. Most people picture being forced to sit in a stuffy conference room playing games. In reality, team building can be so much more than that. Choosing the location, creating the right atmosphere, and selecting programming are all important steps in ensuring no one will be looking at their watches during your event. Read below for our top four types of team building that people will actually want to do.

1. Put Aside the Work

meeting-rooms-blog-photoAdvantEdge Workspaces has meeting rooms that can be configured for any team building event!

No one will want to play a game if they have emails and deadlines looming over their heads. When planning a team building day, try your best to make sure the date does not coincide with any large deadlines or a busy time of year. Once you have a date where everyone can let loose and enjoy themselves, it’s time to pick the location. For a day of traditional team building activities, you’ll need an accessible location and large conference room space. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, meeting rooms are available for hourly and daily rentals, and are fully equipped with the latest technology for screen sharing, showing videos, and more.

Once employees arrive in the perfect location with a clear mind, it’s time for the games to begin! Check out this list of fun activities that require few materials here to get some inspiration. AdvantEdge helps with catering to ensure no one gets “hangry” and provides coffee and tea. With the right atmosphere and programming, your “traditional” team building day will be like no other.

2. Out of the Office

advantedge 1

Some people prefer to do their team building out of the office, free of any distractions. There are many ways to bring people closer without doing traditional activities. For something more low-key, try having a potluck dinner or walking an easy trail in a local park. There is also a myriad of fun activity spaces where you just have to book and let them take care of the rest. Try Top Golf, escape rooms, bowling, ax throwing, ping pong and more. These spaces allow for your team to chat but still have a core activity to ensure that no one feels left out or is bored.

3. Incorporate Small Activities into the Workday

meeting pic with logoConsider kicking off your next large meeting with a short team building activity! 

If a full day of programming or out-of-office setting isn’t your team’s speed, try doing small things during the workday. Start a meeting with a traditional game. Go out for a team breakfast or lunch. Or do “guess who’s coming to coffee”, where team members are given a coffee shop to go to and one of their coworkers is there. These small activities go a long way is fostering relationships and enhancing communication.

4. Take a Class

Learning something together is a fun way to do team building. A painting class, cooking class, wine tasting, or group exercise are all easy ways to accomplish team building. Plus, if everyone likes the activity, it could turn into a monthly thing and something the whole team can continually bond over.

Now you are ready to create fun team building events that people will actually look forward to! With these four categories, there is something for every team and office. After all, when your team is strong, your business is strong.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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