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Top Podcasts for Sitting at the Office



Last week was International Podcast Day- a time to celebrate one of the fastest-rising and biggest new media platforms. When it comes to your work life, podcasts are perfect for commuting or sitting at your desk. Just slip in your headphones and be transported! Unlike audiobooks, podcasts are shorter and have reoccurring series. You can look forward to new episodes every week and easily bounce around between shows and categories. We compiled some of the best options (including AdvantEdge employee favorites) to get you started!

1. News

The best way to start the day is to get a rundown on the news. Chances are your favorite source for reading also has a podcast. With most news episodes being under thirty minutes, it’s easy to obtain more diverse perspectives and different angles of stories by listening to a variety of outlets. The Daily from the New York Times, Meet the Press, Global News from BBC, and NPR Radio are all great places to start for staying up to date on current events.

2. Business

Learn tips and tricks for becoming a better entrepreneur, boss, business owner, sales manager- you name it. From position-specific tips to general best practices, part of being a great worker is always evolving. Check out Planet Money for a better understanding of the economy. Put on The GaryVee Experience when you need to get inspired. Use The Journal from the Wall Street Journal to get today’s news with a financial lens, and listen to WorkLife to transform the way you operate in the office.

3. Something New

Podcasts are a great way to multitask and feel like you have more hours in the day. You can learn something new just by sitting at your desk! Try your hand a new language with Duolingo or learn all things “adulting” (from mortgages to what to do after college) with NPR’s Life Kit.

4. Pop Culture

Is your tv watch list going to take a decade to get through? Do you wish you had time to know what was going on at the Oscars? Pop culture is endless, which is why getting your dose via podcast is the best way to keep up without devoting hours glued to the screen. The Ringer is a great hub for pop culture. Ringer Dish covers Hollywood drama, The Big Picture dives into the latest movie releases and The Watch does the same for TV.

If you watch something, there is a podcast about it. For reality TV fans, we also love Reality Life with Kate Casey The Daily Dish for all things Bravo. There are numerous Bachelor Nation podcasts from ex-contestants. And podcasts like Ellen on the Go and Pop Culture Happy Hour give a comprehensive view of what our favorite celebrities are up to.

With millions of choices, we could listen to podcasts all day, every day and still have more to get through. These four categories are the best for your workday because they help save time, make us feel productive, and catch us up on the world around us when work and life can feel overwhelming. What will you listen to today?

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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