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5 Tips to Make the Most of Business Travel

By David Brescia-Weiler on 08.13.15

Preparing for taking vacation time can often nullify the stress reducing benefits of time away from the office, but what about when your work requires that you travel? With structured itineraries and sometimes less than glamorous destinations, can you expect to find any time at all to relax after you meet your obligations? We’ve put together some tips to help you travel smart and stress free for work, while also making the most of time away from the office:

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Peace Out, Peace Of Mind: How Business Centers Help Make Travel Stress Free

By Reymar Delos Santos on 08.04.15

Not all shared office spaces are created equal. At AdvantEdge Business Centers we strive to provide exceptional services for our clients at all times, including when they are traveling or out of the office. Regardless of the duration of your office absence, our services can accommodate any and all of your business's needs in a variety of ways:
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Working Vacations Impede Work-Life Balance

By Trey Jones on 05.10.12

Author: Gabrielle Jones

As we stand on the precipice of vacation season, we in the business world must make a commitment to ourselves to banish the dreaded professional staple that is “the working vacation.”  Whether you work in a traditional office, virtual office, or executive suite, studies show that you are highly like to bring the office with you during your time off.

According to Business News Daily, 66 percent of American professionals check their email while vacationing. Plus, 29 percent say they plan to attend meetings. This signals bad news for the state of work-life balance in the U.S.

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