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How to Motivate Your Team

By David Brescia-Weiler on 11.14.19

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How to Make Sure Your Business is Cybersecure

By David Brescia-Weiler on 10.17.19


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Enhance Business Relationships with Videoconferencing Solutions

By Hannah Libby on 06.23.15

A live videoconference is much more than a phone call; it’s a versatile telecommunications tool that your business can use to grow your relationships and expand your network anywhere, anytime. They can be used to demonstrate a new product in multiple locations, hold a face-to-face interview without spending money on unnecessary travel, and connect your colleagues with staff at any location around the world.

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Fix Problems Fast with Crisis Management Planning

By Madison Carson on 05.19.15

Mistakes happen. How prepared is your business for a crisis in the workplace? How proficient are your employees in diffusing a crisis quickly and tactfully?

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Test your Office Team with the Marshmallow Challenge!

By Trey Jones on 09.27.12

marshmellowsIs re-reading reports, arguing over figures, and miscommunicating facts the order of events at your typical team meeting? The status quo operating process in a typical American business can make collaboration difficult and drain the creativity and innovation out of team members. Shake-up your next meeting and motivate your team to communicate better with a time-tested ancient wonder: the marshmallow.

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Trans-Acting and Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace

By Trey Jones on 09.11.12

Last week, AdvantEdge Business Centers had the pleasure of hosting the Trans-Acting in the Workplace Workshop by Peter Maida, Ph.D. J.D at our Downtown location.  This workshop inspired us to dedicate a blog post on how to build stronger interpersonal work relationships for those of you who missed it!  As Dr. Maida noted in the workshop:

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Put Down Your Cell Phone, and Uplift Your Professional Image!

By AdvantEdge Staff on 01.19.12

Technological change undoubtedly leads to social change.  Just look at how technology has forever altered the way in which we communicate and conduct business: with cell phones, computers and tablets we can now conduct business with anyone at anytime on any continent. The world really is small, after all.  However, with mobile communication always at our fingertips,  people are forgetting the social standards associated with face-to-face interactions.

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Just say "I'm Sorry": Three Easy Steps to a Proper Public Apology

By AdvantEdge Staff on 10.04.11

In business, you are not defined by the number of mistakes you make, but rather how you respond to them. The most important aspect of crisis management is retaining the trust of your clients and customers.  By following these simple steps however, maintaining these relationships, and your reputation, after a public relations crisis might be easier than it seems.

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Maintaining Your Business by Building Successful Relationships

By AdvantEdge Staff on 09.06.11

Working with clients can be a trying task at times but someone has got to do it, and that someone ought to be you. A successful relationship with clients is essential to sustaining and growing any business. First and foremost, you must provide exceptional customer service in a way that sets you apart from all competitors. However, good service alone is no longer enough to capture or retain clientele.

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Internal Social Networks for Businesses

By Trey Jones on 08.25.11

Why settle for weekly or monthly staff meetings when you could be collaborating on a daily basis? Social media savvy businesses are increasingly utilizing internal social networks, which promote increased employee collaboration and productivity while simultaneously minimizing costs.

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