Employee Appreciation: A Round of Applause for an AdvantEdge VIP!

By Erika Bizjak on 04.10.17

Employee Appreciation Day may have been on March 3rd, but we like to color outside of the lines here at AdvantEdge and celebrate our associates when it feels right! It is not every day that a team decides to celebrate and commend one of its own without a push from upper management or the occurrence of a holiday, but the AdvantEdge crew recognizes a star when one is amongst us and we do not hesitate to show appreciation!

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The Benefits of Giving: Perks of Corporate Fundraising

By Jillian Joseph on 06.26.14

There is no doubt that community service and collaborative fundraising in the workplace are on the rise; whether it’s an organized walk/run for a good cause, a company-sponsored cocktail event, or granting a day off to volunteer at a local charity – more and more employers are realizing the benefits of partnering with each other and the community to spread goodwill. 

How corporate giving helps your bottom line

How have businesses witnessed firsthand the positive effects that collaborative fundraising has had on employees and clients?  Besides hosting fun events that get workers out of the board room and into a more playful environment, the camaraderie can help motivate, energize and foster success. Research has also shown that the majority of collaborative fundraising participants felt that their leadership, communication and decision-making skills improved, and many expressed a stronger commitment to their teammates and employer afterward.

Everyone knows that team building can be a very valuable tool for an employer to provide for their staff. Yet workshops that foster these skills can be costly and don’t always collectively connect or hit the right chord.  A day of volunteerism is often just as effective and can provide a powerful bonding experience.
Employers aren’t the only ones who benefit. The gift of time from you and your employees impacts the community by providing a skilled and inexpensive talent pool to assist in the efforts of what is often a cash strapped non-profit or charity. This saves service organizations money in staff and recruitment and passes those dollars directly onto their key target group who they are trying to assist.

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AdvantEdge Staffer Campaigns for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Woman of the Year

By Jillian Joseph on 06.18.14

For over 26 years, AdvantEdge Business Centers has provided a personalized experience for clients in Washington, DC.  That personal support and individualized attention carries over to their staff, who they take care of both inside and outside of the office. 

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