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Tactics for Successful Meetings

By AdvantEdge on 03.17.15

Meetings are a crucial part of business success. A productive meeting can be the difference between earning a new client, or losing a valuable opportunity. Meetings are also a great way to bring staff together and keep your employees working towards the same goals. To make your meeting go as smoothly as possible follow these tips and host your meeting in a professional conference space that compliments your business objectives.

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Hit the Ground Running: Move In Without Worrying

By Jennifer Vitek on 03.03.15

This blog post is part 4 of a series dedicated to helping you find the right office for your business. Follow the links here to read part 1, part 2, and part 3.

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Get Up and Move! Combat the Effects of Sitting in the Office

By Hannah Libby on 02.26.15

In honor of American Heart Month, we at AdvantEdge are providing some tips to maintain good heart health. We know you put your heart and soul into your business and we want to help you and your business flourish. It's more than office space, it's the place you and your business thrive.

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Five Reasons You've Outgrown Your Home Office

By Jennifer Vitek on 03.25.14

Let’s face it, if we could all be as productive dressed in sweatpants with our laptops at our kitchen tables the office world wouldn’t be what it is today. However, the right professional office environment fosters productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and inspiration serving as a launch pad for start-up business success.

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The Benefits of Virtualization

By Gabrielle Jones on 05.31.13

Whether you have a start-up business or an established company, finding the perfect office space is key to your success. One of the best ways to find your ideal office space is to choose a virtual office. Choosing to have your business go virtual may be just what you need to jump-start your success or help your company evolve. Virtual office space in Washington, DC offers your business a professional address and phone number without the expense and rigidity of a dedicated office. Virtualization has big benefits for your business.

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Virtual Office Space for Startups

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.22.13

When making the decision to turn your business idea into a startup, there’s more to consider than just your concept. In a competitive city like Washington, DC, small business startups are popping up right and left, and it’s up to you to stay ahead of the pack in order to ensure the success of your growing company. That means having a professional image and maintaining a professional address and presence.

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Spring Cleaning

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.16.13


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What Are Executive Office Suites?

By Gabrielle Jones on 04.11.13

Wouldn’t it be great if offices came without the hassle of long-term leases and the expense of utilities, maintenance, and equipment? They do when you choose executive office suites. Executive office suites are fully-serviced office spaces operated by an independent company that are leased-out per office to other businesses, resulting in many companies sharing one office suite.

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West End Office Special- Two Month's Rent Free!

By Sara Bucknam on 02.10.13

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Why Attorneys Rent Shared Office Space

By Jillian Joseph on 01.28.13

It should come as no surprise that Washington, D.C. has the most densely concentrated population of lawyers in the country.  As the number of attorneys in the District rises each year, more are opting for executive office space . In particular, small firms and solo practitioners are especially seeing the advantages of utilizing serviced offices in an executive suite:

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