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Hiring Employees Who Work at Home: Challenges & Benefits

By Guest Author on 11.26.18

Written By: Guest Author Daniel Moore

Some people love the idea of working from home, especially if it suits their lifestyle better than working in the office. Perhaps they have a long commute, small children or health conditions that make working from home easier than travelling all the way into the office every day.

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Embrace the Right Technology for Small Business Efficiency

By AdvantEdge on 09.15.17

Guest Author: Beth Kotz

Small business owners are pros at doing “more” with “less.” When you’re at the helm of your own enterprise, efficiency is key, and every dollar spent must yield new opportunities.

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Managing Your Virtual Office: Productivity with Mobility

By Officing Today on 03.27.14

Virtual offices are a major feature of the business center industry. Given that the numbers of new startups and work-at-home freelancers are increasing, as are the ‘nomadic’ workers who choose wheels and hot-desks over permanent offices, the value of virtual office services is growing still more.

For anyone who wants to protect their home address, appear more professional, have a secretary field their calls (without paying for full-time staff), or who just wants a swanky business address on their letterhead, virtual offices are a great catch.

Business center operators talk about the benefits of virtual offices and receptionist call answering services all the time, but do you ever wonder how to how to manage a remote team?


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