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The Art of Building a Better Meeting

By Juliana Levinson on 02.19.19

Have you ever thought about how meetings became such a dreaded part of one’s day? When did collaborating with coworkers go so awry? Meetings have lost touch with the modern workplace. So often, people leave unsatisfied or thinking “why couldn’t this have been an email?” Here are four ways to build a better meeting and ensure that people leave feeling productive and empowered.

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Strategies for a more productive business meeting

By AdvantEdge Staff on 09.13.11

If you notice your associates yawning and reaching for the Redbull or fiddling with their Smartphones in the midst of your meeting it is a clear sign that something is amiss. Some see business meetings as a waste of time, but that does not have to be the case! We've highlighted a few key strategies that will assist in the execution of a more productive business meeting.

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