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AdvantEdge Business Centers Rebrands as AdvantEdge Workspaces

By Erika Bizjak on 05.26.17

Source: PRWeb.com

AdvantEdge Business Centers, a leader in the Washington, D.C. executive office suites and shared office space industry for over 29 years, is elated to announce its rebranding as AdvantEdge Workspaces.

It is no secret that the shared office space market is growing and evolving. For AdvantEdge, a long-standing leader in the industry, rebranding is a proactive step that reflects the distinctive and customized workspace solutions that it has offered since its establishment, but in a new light.

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Celebrating a Century of National Parks

By Griffin Suber on 09.08.16

Last week, the nation’s National Park Service turned 100 capping off a century of
conservation, recreation, and historic preservation. Without our national parks, the District of Colombia would feel less like a historical hometown and more like a place where interns congregate in the summer. The District’s unique parks provide a balance to the city, they provide lush green spaces and attractive waterways in a city of marble and monuments. From forests to colonial homes, the National Parks of the District are accessible before work or after and are a stone’s throw from the city’s major business centers.

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AdvantEdge Perseveres as DC’s Shared Office Space Provider

By Erika Bizjak on 08.31.16

AdvantEdge Business Centers, a leader in the Washington, D.C. executive office suites and shared office space industry for over 27 years, is excited to announce its second expansion at 2101 L St. NW within a 3-month period.

On the heels of a 23,000 sq. ft. expansion in May of 2016, Founder and CEO Prakash Gavri, has continued the growth streak at 2101 L St. NW by adding an additional 5,000 sq. ft. of office space. This latest addition will bring Gavri’s holdings to an impressive 78,000 sq. ft. at the 21st and L Street center.

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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: AdvantEdge Expands L Street Location

By Griffin Suber on 06.10.16

We are thrilled to announce that the expansion of our Downtown (L Street) location is officially complete! Along with this expansion, AdvantEdge has ended operations at our flagship West End location after nearly three decades of business. However, the majority of our West End clients relocated to our expanded Downtown center, and we are excited to open new doors as this one closes. Our newest suite has been freshly refurbished, tastefully decorated and totally supplied with the latest and greatest executive accommodations.

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AdvantEdge Launches New Look and Online Presence

By AdvantEdge on 10.06.15

For over 27 years AdvantEdge Business Centers has provided the best quality personal service and flexible workspace to small businesses in Washington DC. As a part of continuing that history of excellence, while always looking to address the workplace of the future, AdvantEdge has unveiled a new website and new look. Rich with new features and interwoven with the story of AdvantEdge, our new site blends modern features with our tried and true practice of delivering the best in client service.

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Renovation of 4th Floor Suite Complete at Chevy Chase Location

By AdvantEdge on 02.17.15

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 17, 2015– AdvantEdge Business Centers completed a one-year renovation project at the largest of their three Washington, DC business centers, located in the Chevy Chase Pavilion Building.

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Aaron Gallery's "Chromatisms" Exhibition Graces AdvantEdge

By Jennifer Vitek on 05.20.14

You’ve been sitting at your desk all morning struggling to think of new, creative ideas for your project. Finally you get up to grab some water; you walk down the bright hallway featuring oversized abstract paintings filled with all the colors of the rainbow. You pause to look at a large canvas that fills the wall, your eyes tracing the lines as one color flows into the next, a series of bright shapes positioned together hovering over a dark background.

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Come One, Come All: Meet New 2101 L Street Clients!

By Trey Jones on 04.19.12

welcomeTo continue the 2101 L Street opening celebrations, here are some quick profiles of our clients who have recently moved in to their beautiful new offices!

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Location, Location, Location!

By Trey Jones on 04.16.12

2101 L Street Office ExteriorDid you miss us during our mini-vacation? Due to some tricky technical difficulties, the AdvantEdge blog was temporarily MIA, but have no worries, this forced fun-cation is over and we’re coming back with a bang!

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Protect Your Virtual Business From a Real Breach in Security

By AdvantEdge Staff on 08.31.11

For most businesses, telecommuting is no longer a trend, but a way of life. With the advancement of virtual offices and video conferencing, it is easy to see that technology is good for business. Technological development allows for businesses to grow faster, smarter and further. There are no physical boundaries with web based businesses.

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