Get Free Tickets to "EdgeTalks: Peak Performance Mindset Workshop!"

Posted by Sara Bucknam


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Employee Appreciation: A Round of Applause for an AdvantEdge VIP!

Posted by Erika Bizjak


Employee Appreciation Day may have been on March 3rd, but we like to color outside of the lines here at AdvantEdge and celebrate our associates when it feels right! It is not every day that a team decides to celebrate and commend one of its own without a push from upper management or the occurrence of a holiday, but the AdvantEdge crew recognizes a star when one is amongst us and we do not hesitate to show appreciation!

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Sharing the Madness: Embracing March Madness in the Shared Workspace!

Posted by Erika Bizjak


Viewing parties, good-natured competition among colleagues, and basketball mania galore highlight life at AdvantEdge Workspaces during March Madness. Like most of the nation, we have dove head first into the "Madness" of March Madness! Surprisingly, only 11% of employers support March Madness in the office, stating that it inhibits productivity. As we celebrate our sixth year of inter-office bracket challenges and social office events, our shared workspace begs to differ!

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Stay In Bounds This March Madness With a Little Office Etiquette

Posted by Griffin Suber


It’s March, which means two things: NCAA basketball is about to own the airwaves
and you’ve probably already received an invitation to your office’s bracket pool. While some of us look forward to the Madness (s’go Buffs!) and others simply tolerate it, recent studies reveal the quantifiable hit businesses take on when their employees take a time out as opposed to keeping their heads in the game. According to the research, 50 million American workers will participate in an office pool (including the President) and companies stand to lose $1.2 billion as a result of unproductive hours spent researching or watching games. While employees will undoubtedly get caught up in the drama of conference rivalries and underdog upsets, loyalty to one’s alma mater over their company’s bottom line can put businesses in a sticky spot. Avoid a technical foul by adhering to some simple office etiquette in this holy month of March.

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4 Ways AdvantEdge Can Help You Connect: The Ready-Made Network Your Company Craves

Posted by Jillian Joseph


Tired of collecting business cards at so-called “networking” events without forming any meaningful relationships?  Are dozens of LinkedIn member invitations sitting in cyber limbo because you can’t remember who they are or how you met?

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