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7 D.C. Excursions to Reward Your Team With

By Juliana Levinson on 05.23.18

D.C. is a hub of culture, events, and knowledge. There are a plethora of things to do ranging from discussions on foreign policy to free museums to festivals. With an increasing amount of people commuting into the city and living outside of the District, it can be hard to take advantage of all the city has to offer. So instead of scheduling another basic lunch, why not treat your team to an out-of-the-box excursion? Not only will your team members get to enjoy the city, but it is a chance for everyone to learn or try something new together! Here are 7 excursions that are a perfect reward for any stellar team.

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Behind the Scenes with AdvantEdge's Newest Team Members!

By Erika Bizjak on 01.23.18

AdvantEdge Workspaces is excited to ring in the New Year with SEVEN new Client Services Coordinators across our two DC locations! The position of Client Services Coordinator is the glue that holds AdvantEdge Workspaces together. From the bright smiles that greet each of our clients and their guests daily to the competent and supportive personal service that they provide, our Client Services Coordinators are integral to the success of our shared workspaces.

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Test your Office Team with the Marshmallow Challenge!

By Trey Jones on 09.27.12

marshmellowsIs re-reading reports, arguing over figures, and miscommunicating facts the order of events at your typical team meeting? The status quo operating process in a typical American business can make collaboration difficult and drain the creativity and innovation out of team members. Shake-up your next meeting and motivate your team to communicate better with a time-tested ancient wonder: the marshmallow.

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Internal Social Networks for Businesses

By Trey Jones on 08.25.11

Why settle for weekly or monthly staff meetings when you could be collaborating on a daily basis? Social media savvy businesses are increasingly utilizing internal social networks, which promote increased employee collaboration and productivity while simultaneously minimizing costs.

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