Embrace the Right Technology for Small Business Efficiency

By AdvantEdge on 09.15.17

Guest Author: Beth Kotz

Small business owners are pros at doing “more” with “less.” When you’re at the helm of your own enterprise, efficiency is key, and every dollar spent must yield new opportunities.

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Business #Hacks- The 7 Best (Free) Smartphone Apps for Getting Things Done!

By Griffin Suber on 03.01.16

At AdvantEdge, we’re constantly exploring innovative ways to manage our schedule and organize our day. While we used to be confined to the tools that could physically fit on a desk (your rolodex, your calendar, your calculator, your mimeograph), the technological revolution utterly changed the way we work. The right tool makes every task easier so hacking your workday is as simple as equipping yourself with the tools you need to succeed. The following smartphone apps are guaranteed to fix any persisting problems plaguing your office life. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re all free!

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AdvantEdge Launches New Look and Online Presence

By AdvantEdge on 10.06.15

For over 27 years AdvantEdge Business Centers has provided the best quality personal service and flexible workspace to small businesses in Washington DC. As a part of continuing that history of excellence, while always looking to address the workplace of the future, AdvantEdge has unveiled a new website and new look. Rich with new features and interwoven with the story of AdvantEdge, our new site blends modern features with our tried and true practice of delivering the best in client service.

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Enhance Business Relationships with Videoconferencing Solutions

By Hannah Libby on 06.23.15

A live videoconference is much more than a phone call; it’s a versatile telecommunications tool that your business can use to grow your relationships and expand your network anywhere, anytime. They can be used to demonstrate a new product in multiple locations, hold a face-to-face interview without spending money on unnecessary travel, and connect your colleagues with staff at any location around the world.

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Move Over Google Voice: Live Reception Services Ensure Your Clients Calls are Handled Professionally

By Kristel Rodriguez on 06.18.15

When operating any kind of business, customer satisfaction and personal attention is always a top priority. However, with the increased usage of answering services such as Google Voice and other automated response systems, personal attention may take a backseat over efficiency. This is not the case here at AdvantEdge Business Centers; our on-site staff provides customized phone answering services according to your specifications so that no caller is left behind.

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Host Your Next Special Event with AdvantEdge!

By Jennifer Vitek on 04.07.15

Looking for a professional space for your next seminar, gala, fundraiser or party? Look no further than AdvantEdge Business Centers! With three prime DC locations featuring venues from professional state of the art training rooms and conference centers to casual open spaces including a rooftop terrace and party ready lounges we can help ensure that your next event is a success! Call us for pricing and availability information or click the button at the end of the article to schedule a tour at one of our centers!

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Close the Deal: How Our Meeting Spaces Help Your Company Get Ahead

By David Brescia-Weiler on 02.12.15

Running your company with AdvantEdge Business Centers makes your life as a business owner much easier; we take care of all of the logistical details and allow you to focus on what is most important – guiding your business to success and growth.

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Sincerely, Insincere: What Your Email Sign Off Really Means

By Madison Carson on 02.03.15

In today’s ever changing society, the Internet is a prevalent, if not dominant part of our everyday lives; and with this, so are emails. It is estimated that over 100 trillion emails are sent per year- that’s a lot of online communication! How many of these are first impressions, introductions, or business proposals? What is it you are communicating, or not communicating, through a simple and impersonal sign off? I believe it’s time that the ever present “Thanks” meet its end!

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Baby it's Cold Outside: How to Stay Warm and Dry During Your Commute

By Madison Carson on 12.19.14

Some mornings you walk outside and it's a beautiful day, other mornings not so much. For those foul weather wintry days, a little extra planning can help you arrive at the office in one business-ready piece. No matter what the weather is outside, here are a few key tips to keep you ahead of the game: 

Traffic and Metro problems can strike anytime with any weather; make sure you have an alternate route in case something gets jammed. If at all possible make sure your primary form of transportation isn’t your only form of transportation. Download a few apps to help plan various routes to the office or find a radio station with consistent weather and traffic updates to keep up while you’re driving.


A familiar friend to all of us in the DC area, rain can easily dampen your day. Keep an umbrella in your bag or desk drawer for unexpected showers and choose shoes that won’t get ruined when wet. If your commute requires a fair amount of walking, investing in some rain boots and a waterproof rain jacket aren’t bad ideas either. For our more self-assured commuters- a poncho is also an efficient way to keep the rain off, however I can’t promise style points will be granted.
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Protect Your Mobile Devices: 5 Tips for Those Who Work on the Go

By Officing Today on 05.15.14

Originally posted here on Officing Today- The Global Business Center Resource

With mobile working and bring your own device (BYOD) becoming the norm, the question of security is nudging its way ever higher up the priority list.

We live in a world where there are more mobile devices than people. Research suggests that soon, the average person will carry 1.5 mobile devices (although, you’re probably already on 2 or 3 yourself).

The question is, in a world obsessed by mobile technology, how do you keep your devices safe and secure?

We’re not just talking viruses. Shoulder-to-shoulder working in coffee shops, walking to the station or leaving your laptop in the car can leave you open to the risk of theft. How do you protect against theft? And if your device is stolen, how do you keep sensitive data locked away?

We’ve pulled together 5 tips on how to lock down your laptop and mobile devices. It’s just as handy for business centre and coworking operators as it is for your clients, but it’s by no means exhaustive. What other tips would you add?

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