Read This Before Booking a Hotel for Your Next Corporate Event

Posted by Sara Bucknam


While hotels and convention centers have long been used by businesses for large seminars and meetings, business centers are rapidly becoming the first choice of venue for a wide variety of professional events. Why? Cost, support staff, and customizable packages are the most often cited reasons for heading to a business center; particularly among small businesses.

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Hassle Free Meeting Spaces for Your Next Event

Posted by Jessica Jacobs


Planning meetings can be tough; oftentimes a slew of questions emerge that must be addressed and sorting out logistics can take time away from other tasks. What space will be most accommodating for your guests? What might your guests need throughout an event? Where should you order catering? What if you experience technical difficulties? Avoid dilemmas like these by planning your next big event with a shared workspace! At AdvantEdge Business Centers, we help you with all of the logistics and provide support to make sure your meeting or event goes smoothly. Our staff is experienced in helping to set up and manage events of all kinds, so you can rest easy and continue to focus on your business as we take the complications out of your hands.

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Strategies for Productive Meetings

Posted by Elaine Huh


Meetings are one of the largest and most debilitating components of organizational clutter. Research shows that managers spend 15% of their time in meetings and many of these meetings actually have no clear purpose. Senior executives spend two full days a week in meetings. In 22% of these meetings, participants send three or more e-mails for every half an hour they spent sitting in a meeting room. This clearly contradicts the goals of a meeting to facilitate and disseminate productivity throughout the company from top down.

Here are some basic tips to consider when conducting a meeting in order to maximize productivity, inspire your staff, and get ahead:

First and foremost, designate the meeting to be held in an appropriate location. The location itself can affect the productivity of the participants. If the location is too bland or completely unengaging, participants may become bored and lethargic. On the other hand, if the location is too busy with too many distractions, the participants may lose focus.

Second, eliminate the use of technology for the duration of the meeting. While having laptops and cell phones may be useful, outside correspondence can usually wait. Also, studies show that we remember information better when we write it down by hand and doodling can lead to greater creative capacity among individuals.

Third, define the purpose of the meeting. By having a specified goal or objective for the meeting, it will be more difficult to be led astray by other factors. Set an agenda and stick to it. This helps to start and end meetings on time, which not only increases participant morale, but also increases the effort put in by participants to actually attend the meetings. Furthermore, by defining a meeting’s purpose you can better organize who should attend and develop engagement strategies to fit a specific audience.

Here at AdvantEdge, our meeting and conference rooms provide the perfect space for executing successful meetings. All our meeting spaces have state of the art technology that can facilitate your meeting without the need of any extra equipment, hassle, or distraction. Moreover, if you need anything throughout your meeting, our on-site staff is here for you. Click the button below to learn more about our workspaces and book an appointment at one of our three business centers in Washington, DC.

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Host Your Next Special Event with AdvantEdge!

Posted by Jennifer Vitek


Looking for a professional space for your next seminar, gala, fundraiser or party? Look no further than AdvantEdge Business Centers! With three prime DC locations featuring venues from professional state of the art training rooms and conference centers to casual open spaces including a rooftop terrace and party ready lounges we can help ensure that your next event is a success! Call us for pricing and availability information or click the button at the end of the article to schedule a tour at one of our centers!

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Tactics for Successful Meetings

Posted by AdvantEdge


Meetings are a crucial part of business success. A productive meeting can be the difference between earning a new client, or losing a valuable opportunity. Meetings are also a great way to bring staff together and keep your employees working towards the same goals. To make your meeting go as smoothly as possible follow these tips and host your meeting in a professional conference space that compliments your business objectives.

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Close the Deal: How Our Meeting Spaces Help Your Company Get Ahead

Posted by David Brescia-Weiler


Running your company with AdvantEdge Business Centers makes your life as a business owner much easier; we take care of all of the logistical details and allow you to focus on what is most important – guiding your business to success and growth.

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Get the Most Out of Group Work: Meeting Space Matters

Posted by Lee Rolandi


Meeting and collaborating with your colleagues is an inevitable and potentially trying task. Ideas and opinions from multiple sources are being thrown around all at once in a sometimes chaotic mess of energy, creativity, and collaboration.

Whatever you are meeting to discuss, the most basic goal is a commonly shared one: a uniform negotiation with a positive and successful outcome for your project, task, or business. In the middle of these situations, it is important to keep everything as organized and focused as possible, and through picking the right meeting space alone, you are that much closer making that task successful for both you and your colleagues.

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Innovative Training Space for Your Next Washington DC Meeting

Posted by Jillian Joseph


Your learning environment directly correlates to the amount of information you absorb and your overall learning experience. Thinking of hosting your next big meeting in a hotel banquet room or college classroom? High school auditorium or office computer lab? Should you have to choose? Look no further - AdvantEdge Business Centers is one of the only executive suites in the DC Metro area to offer facilities equipped for groups larger than 25. Both the Chevy Chase and Downtown locations boast brand-new 50-person training rooms with state-of-the-art technology.

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What Is Class A Office Space?

Posted by Gabrielle Jones


If you have looked into leasing office space in the Washington, DC area, you have likely ran across the term “Class A,” but just what is Class A office space?

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Looking for Training Rooms for Rent in DC? Call Today!

Posted by Trey Jones


Whether you have new hires that need to learn your business or existing employees that need to explore new technology, it’s important you have a training facility that accommodates your needs. While hotels have long been used for large trainings and meetings, executive suites are rapidly becoming the first choice for many different types of training. Both hotels and executive suites offer many of the same amenities such as state-of-the-art technology, Wi-Fi connections, and necessary furniture, but executive suites have more than just the basic needs for an efficient and easy training facility!

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