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Why Office Aesthetics Matter

By Elaine Huh on 04.03.15

The Scenario: 

You walk into your shared office space on a Monday morning and you notice the peeling paint on the walls and stained carpets as you make your way through the labyrinth of offices. You head to the kitchen to make the first of many cups of coffee and while searching to find a clean mug to use, you accidentally stain your newly-pressed white shirt with drops of coffee that were left unattended by one of your colleagues. Among the many other problems that you already have to deal with, this isn’t a great start to the week. Disheartened by these series of unfortunate events, you drag your feet back to your office and sigh loudly when you finally reach your destination. Yet as you sit down to review the massive influx of emails regarding your company's financial statements, you hear a rather loud crack coming from your unsightly office chair.

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Hit the Ground Running: Move In Without Worrying

By Jennifer Vitek on 03.03.15

This blog post is part 4 of a series dedicated to helping you find the right office for your business. Follow the links here to read part 1, part 2, and part 3.

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How Temporary Office Space Can Work for You

By AdvantEdge on 02.19.15

Are you new to Washington DC and don't have an office yet? Is construction outside of your current office killing productivity? Holding meetings in your home office or video conferencing from your hotel bed may be comfortable, but it is a far cry from professional.

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How to Stay Warm and Dry During Your Commute

By Madison Carson on 12.19.14

Some mornings you walk outside and it's a beautiful day, other mornings not so much. For those foul weather wintry days, a little extra planning can help you arrive at the office in one business-ready piece. No matter what the weather is outside, here are a few key tips to keep you ahead of the game: 

Traffic and Metro problems can strike anytime with any weather; make sure you have an alternate route in case something gets jammed. If at all possible make sure your primary form of transportation isn’t your only form of transportation. Download a few apps to help plan various routes to the office or find a radio station with consistent weather and traffic updates to keep up while you’re driving.


A familiar friend to all of us in the DC area, rain can easily dampen your day. Keep an umbrella in your bag or desk drawer for unexpected showers and choose shoes that won’t get ruined when wet. If your commute requires a fair amount of walking, investing in some rain boots and a waterproof rain jacket aren’t bad ideas either. For our more self-assured commuters- a poncho is also an efficient way to keep the rain off, however I can’t promise style points will be granted.
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Why You Don't Need as Much Square Footage as You Think

By Jennifer Vitek on 07.28.14

Open plan workspaces aren't just the fashionable trend, they're a smart way for companies to fit more workers into the same amount of rentable space.  Ever since the "great recession" in 2008, the average square foot per employee has diminished by at least 25%. Smaller spaces and less square footage means smaller fixed costs for companies and more collaborative workspaces for employees. To that end, sharing workspace with other companies in a serviced office means getting the benefits of a cohesive office space that reduces cost without sacrificing amenities and available services.

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An Infographic About Infographics!

By Trey Jones on 11.29.12

 how much we love infographics at the AdvantEdge blog, here is an infographic about making infographics!  An infographic goes through four main stages of production: research, design, publishing and promotion.  So study this ironic infographic  closely in order to take your marketing content to the next level!

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How Companies are Tracking You on the Web

By Trey Jones on 10.17.12


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A Marketer's Guide to Reddit!

By Trey Jones on 10.16.12

Source: Prestige Marketing, Inc.

"Marketers who threaten the Reddit community with spammy links and boring content will likely be destroyed, says Prestige Marketing. On the link-sharing site known as the 'Front Page of the Internet,' only the strong survive.

Reddit receives 2.5 billion page views per month, and thus any content that reaches the front page receives millions of views. The only way to do that without spending a lot of money is to get Reddit’s 34.9 million monthly unique visitors to 'vote up' your content.

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A Visual Guide on Mobile Consumer Behavior!

By Trey Jones on 10.04.12


Source: Visualy

"Each person uses his or her mobile phone differently; some of us use cell phones to shop online, buy movie tickets, check game scores, and email colleagues, while others buy the latest smartphones only to receive calls. Check out this infographic on typical mobile phone usage, and see how you compare to the average caller".

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A CEO's Guide to Pinterest

By Trey Jones on 09.24.12

Source: the Social Times

"The decision to add a new network to your social strategy is never easy — each one takes time and resources to maintain. According to the makers of this infographic, Pinterest is a good one to add to the list.

With a high concentration of viral content (80 percent of pins are repins) and referral traffic that’s outpacing Twitter and Google+, the social curation site is already a proven traffic generator. The amount of traffic generated by Pinterest grew by 116 percent between January and August 2012.

But a previous study showed that despite the company’s growth, no Fortune 500 company CEOs were using Pinterest. (They weren’t entirely right about that. If you need inspiration, check out Cisco co-founder Sandy Lerner’s Pinterest boards for her organic farm, Ayrshire Farm.)

Domo and CEO.com assembled this handy guide to Pinterest for CEOs. It’s got statistics, best practices, and success stories all in one glance."

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