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How to Protect your Passwords!

By Trey Jones on 08.30.12

Author: Isabelle Leichtman 

With the recent security breaches of popular websites such as LinkedIn, password security has become an important issue for both personal and corporate information.  Having strong and secure passwords can prevent sensitive information from being compromised by hackers or scammers.  So the AdvantEdge Business Centers’s blog has compiled a few tips for creating smart passwords on your behalf!

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The New Microsoft Office: Further Support for the New Workplace

By Trey Jones on 07.31.12

Author: Jillian Joseph

The arrival of cloud storage is changing not only how we share files personally, but also professionally.  Now the business world is likely to be even more shaken up seeing as on Monday, July 16, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer released a preview version of Office 2013 and its cloud-connected cousin, Office 365, at a media event in San Francisco. This is timed nicely with the upcoming launch of Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, in October.  The company's next-generation office suite appears to be tightly focused on mobile devices, touchscreens, and the cloud.

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Who Rules Twitter?

By Trey Jones on 07.12.12

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How to Solve Your Own IT Problems

By Trey Jones on 07.02.12

All professionals have experienced that dreaded moment in their career when our precious electronics fail us. We can’t get our important presentation up on the screen, our internet connection is lost, or the printer suddenly stopped working while we’re on deadline. Before you reach for the phone and call your IT department or consultant, be your own IT guy or girl and try these simple steps:

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Tips for Better Time Management at the Office

By Trey Jones on 06.26.12

Managing your time wisely can be the key to not only a successful business, but also a healthy lifestyle outside of the office.  No matter what field you work in, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your workload, everyone (from co-workers to clients) can be affected.  While everyone has a different way to manage their time effectively, here are a few tips to ensure that you optimize your time:

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How to Eat Healthy in the Office!

By Trey Jones on 06.07.12


Author: Trey Jones

Eating healthy at the office can present some surprising difficulties.  Whether you find yourself skipping lunch because that latest deadline needs to be met, or you get home too late to cook a wholesome meal, we all find ourselves opting out for the easy fast food meal while working.  So AdvantEdge is happy to compile this guide for our office space clients in order to improve your eating habits while spending the day at the desk!
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March Madness Transcends Basketball

By Trey Jones on 03.15.12

To celebrate AdvantEdge Business Centers' March Madness events, we are dedicating this blog post to the NCAA Championships!  Thanks to the news-media, there is indeed a certain “madness” to be found during March. Every year around this time we encounter a flurry of articles and news stories discussing how to build a better bracket for your office pool and possible  drops in worker productivity, but there are also many stories about the lesser known aspects and effects of the NCAA Championship Tournament. Here are a few examples how March Madness influences the world off the court.

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Up and Coming Apps

By Trey Jones on 03.12.12

iphone appsThe social media landscape is constantly evolving with the introduction of highly-populated app markets for your smart phones, tablets, and computers.  Some are silly, while others are extremely useful, but at the end of the day the majority of apps are simply fun ways to spend time during a long commute to work.  So check out a handful of the upcoming apps that have people excited and see which one interests you!

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Tomorrow's Business Gadgets

By Trey Jones on 03.05.12

Technology is constantly evolving with "the latest and greatest" devices invented left and right.  While there are some that seem simply like expensive toys, there are many others that we here in the executive suites industry feel could make day-to-day life in the business world much easier! This past January, the International Consumer Electronics Show debuted new devices from major brands as well as independent technology entrepreneurs.  Here are three upcoming devices that would be especially helpful for any professional:

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Five Easy Tips for a Professional Email

By Trey Jones on 02.09.12

With more and more businesses using virtual and temporary offices, email has become the primary form of professional communication. Whether between co-workers or with a potential prospect, your emails should always be professional and concise. With many of us constantly on-the-go, it’s easy to shoot someone a quick email from your mobile sans proofreading. So here are a few reminders to ensure that your emails remain polished and pithy:

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