How To Choose The Best Workspace In A Sea Of Choices

By Juliana Levinson on 11.14.17

No two businesses are alike- so why should offices be the same? A workspace should be reflective of the business in it. A unique space can take a business to the next level. Everyone has seen typical “cookie cutter” offices that rarely reflect the work style or atmosphere of the business in the space.

There are many different types of workspaces to fit one’s needs, but determining the best fit for your business can be overwhelming. We have gathered the essential facts- now it is your turn to see which of the five workspace profiles fits you the best!

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10 Ways Virtual Offices Enhance Your Business

By Amel Mouloua on 04.19.17

It's no surprise that more and more businesses are jumping at the chance to own “DC virtual office space” rather than shelling out thousands for rent on a physical office. Virtual office space offers the impression of having an office at an upscale location without the need to be physically located there. Below are just some of the benefits that a virtual office space provides for your growing or already established company.

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Does It Matter Where We Work?

By Griffin Suber on 09.14.16

As with the rest of society, modern technology has changed the way we do business. We work through clouds now; we communicate via dropboxes and video conferencing. Our new digital tools make it so easy to connect remotely that face-to-face interactions, and putting on a tie or makeup to do so, can seem more like a chore than a necessity. Not all companies are created equal and not all employees interact with clients (or each other) on a daily basis. The ease of remote accessibility has led to a spike in telecommuters and many young organizations are taking note of the advantages.

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How Going Virtual Benefits a Growing Business

By Griffin Suber on 07.01.16

In business, appearances matter. Whether it’s answering your own calls or scribbling your phone number on a cocktail napkin instead of being ready with a business card, professionalism can be a looming hurdle between new businesses and future growth. Acquiring virtual office space offers an inexpensive solution to such obstacles by providing professional services to emerging organizations. From an air of legitimacy to organizational assistance, virtualization can revolutionize the way your small business or startup is perceived.

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On Demand Assistance to Satisfy Your Company's Every Need

By Ariel Lumpkins on 07.23.15

Increase your productivity with the office efficiency and on demand administrative assistance provided by shared workspaces. From mail services, to IT support, phone reception services and more, shared workspaces are your company’s one stop shop for all the business support you need available anytime.

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Move Over Google Voice: Live Reception Services Ensure Your Clients Calls are Handled Professionally

By Kristel Rodriguez on 06.18.15

When operating any kind of business, customer satisfaction and personal attention is always a top priority. However, with the increased usage of answering services such as Google Voice and other automated response systems, personal attention may take a backseat over efficiency. This is not the case here at AdvantEdge Business Centers; our on-site staff provides customized phone answering services according to your specifications so that no caller is left behind.

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Our Flexibility is the Key to Your Business Success

By David Brescia-Weiler on 05.12.15

As a business owner, you have a set of both short and long term goals for your company’s success. You have probably considered new ways of expanding the reach of your product or services as well as the resources that your company will need to grow. The fact of the matter is, in spite of your best preparations, it is sometimes impossible to foresee the obstacles and opportunities that will emerge in your business’ path, be it next year, next month, or even next week. Choosing a full-service workspace provides your company flexibility and peace of mind to change your office solutions and services at any time.

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Need a Professional Address and Occasional Place to Work? Our Virtual Office Plans have You Covered

By Reymar Delos Santos on 04.21.15

Here at Advantedge Business Centers we understand that with all you do in a workday it may be hard to find time to put in a lot of hours at the office. With business meetings, project deadlines, and the normal city commute, a virtual space can be the solution to help you focus on your business on your time.

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How a Virtual Office Saves Your Company Money

By Sara Bucknam on 03.12.15

In the process of deciding whether or not to take your business from idea to startup, there is much to consider beyond your concept. In a competitive city like Washington, DC, small business startups are increasing rapidly, and first impressions are critical. So how do you create this environment for your startup without emptying your bank account? A virtual office may be the perfect solution, and comes at only a fraction of the cost of full-time office space. 

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Don't Be Left Out in the Cold: Weatherproof Your Business with AdvantEdge

By Lee Rolandi on 02.05.15

Bad winter weather can hit at almost any time and if you know DC like I do, the true results of a forecasted storm can be fairly unpredictable. This can result in spontaneous office closures, cancelled meetings, and rescheduled appointments that leave you playing “catch up” in the days to follow. However, by taking advantage of the resources available to you in a shared office space, some of this stress can be alleviated so that you can focus on moving forward instead of feeling buried under all that snow!

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