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Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gifts at Work



With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind us, holiday gifting is officially on everyone’s mind. Amidst purchasing gifts for friends and loved ones, there can be unease about navigating gifting in the workplace. But have no fear- we have the ultimate guide for gift-giving in professional settings and at work! 

1. For Clients

For clients and other people you do regular business with, provide a token of appreciation for their patronage and collaboration over the past year. These types of gifts can be automated and less individualized. Settle on one item to purchase for everyone, such as a platter of sweet treats, a gift basket, or a floral arrangement. 

2. For Bosses


Every relationship with a boss is different, and gifts will reflect that. However, as a general rule, stick to things that are professional and not over the top. A fancy planner, coffee subscription, nice bottle of wine, or a beautiful photo frame for their desk are all simple, thoughtful gifts. 

3. For Colleagues 

We spend so much of our lives amongst coworkers- treat your closest colleagues to something fun this season! Recall inside jokes or personal water cooler conversations to select a unique gift. Presents for colleagues do not need to be high in value. Fun office desk items, a personalized mug, their favorite workday snacks, or an item they’ve expressed needing at work are all good ideas. Keep the item workplace-themed and if you are unsure if a joke will land or how someone will react, always air on the side of caution. 

4. For Support Staff


Support staffers are the cornerstone of any work experience. From reception to parking attendants, these are people who do not work at your company, but who play a direct role in daily life. Often interactions with support staff are briefer than with a coworker or a boss. Stick to something everyone can enjoy with gift cards! Grocery stores, restaurants, or big box retailers are always safe bets. 

No matter what, it is not about the gifts you give but rather the relationships you have. Above all else, it is the thought that counts when shopping this holiday season. What is on your list this year? Share your suggestions in the comments! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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