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Enhance Business Relationships with Videoconferencing Solutions


videoconference equipment at AdvantEdgeA live videoconference is much more than a phone call; it’s a versatile telecommunications tool that your business can use to grow your relationships and expand your network anywhere, anytime. They can be used to demonstrate a new product in multiple locations, hold a face-to-face interview without spending money on unnecessary travel, and connect your colleagues with staff at any location around the world.

Videoconferences give your clients and colleagues a visual presence anywhere in the world with a reliable, clear connection for a fraction of the cost of business travel. At AdvantEdge, our clients have access to videoconference services on demand; connecting your business to markets, investors, and new clients around the globe.

One of the main benefits of videoconferencing is increased productivity and efficiency. The ability to be in several places at once without leaving your office can drive business expansion on a global level. This technology can limit unproductive travel time and is often a more convenient option for companies and staff. Additionally, videoconferences increase attendee participation and provide visual cues you would otherwise miss with voice-only conference calls. 

Videoconferencing also improves communication and reinforces working relationships across multiple locations. Having access to the facial expressions and body language of your conference participants leads to more effective collaborations and increased level of understanding. This technology allows your small business to connect with anyone in the world while feeling like they are right next to you.

At AdvantEdge, we provide technology solutions with unparalleled customer support that keep your business moving forward. Click the button below to contact a videoconference specialist today!

Contact us for technical information or to set up a videoconference today!

Written by Hannah Libby

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