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How a Virtual Office Can Help You Span the Globe


Just because you’re a startup doesn’t mean your presence has to be as limited as your cash flow. Making the right impression can be the difference between critical investment and running deeper into the red. The global business world has brought buyers and sellers closer together, but there are many as many questions as there are answers. How can your startup go global from day one? How can you be in three critical meetings in three different locations all on the same day? How can you operate on a startup budget but present yourself like an established player? This feature will discuss how virtual offices can provide you with the professional presence you need, all while keeping precious funds in your company coffers.


Professional Technology

While you’ve got a great idea, you still need to make sure that you are where the action is. That means making intelligent decisions about interaction and communication. Skype is cheap, but so is the impression it gives. Having access to enterprise quality videoconferencing equipment is a part of your virtual office package, and makes sure that you never miss out on a meeting that can help grow your business. Rather than paying large sums up front for equipment, a manageable monthly fee keeps the highest quality technology and equipment right at your fingertips.

On-Site Phone Answering

You know how to represent your business, but every second you spend on the phone directing call flow is time you aren’t working on what’s next. Free voice services are attractive, but a smarter investment is choosing a virtual plan that offers customizable phone answering with live reception. Dictate exactly how you want your calls to be handled and get down to the real work of running your business while trained staff act as an extension of your company.

Prestigious Appearance

A virtual office can also help you maximize the impression you make with clients and investors alike. With prestigious locations, optional lobby listings, and access to conference space, you can present your company as polished as any successful venture. Executive suites offer meeting space with professional A/V equipment, high speed wireless, and technical support to avoid any frustrating and time consuming technical difficulties. A business center can also offer conference space in many different setups, offering just the right meeting environment to help you get your point across.

Why limit your startup to a certain region or geographic area when you have a whole world full of potential customers? Make sure you have a global reach from the very start and gain the look of an established company while making the smart financial choice with a virtual office today!

Written by AdvantEdge

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