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Virtual Offices Untether Workers, Unleash Productivity


Are you tired of being crammed in your cubicle, staring at beige walls for hours on end? What about that coworker who seems to help himself to your milk in the community fridge? Good riddance! It is time to break free from the constraints of a physical workplace and move into your new virtual office.

Telecommuting is a new, convenient way of doing things outside of the office. Your work space can be anywhere; home, the coffee shop, the park. Flexibility reigns supreme when it comes to a virtual office. Employees can use mobile technology such as smart phones, laptops, or tablets to complete work assignments and keep in contact with one another. With advances in broadband technology and the arrival of cloud based business solutions, people now have a greater opportunity to connect, regardless of distance or time zone, than ever before.

Here is a quick rundown of some of the benefits of telecommuting:

    • More family time: Many parents deal with time constraints and/or guilt with child rearing having to revolve around an office schedule. With telecommuting, you can work & bake cookies for an after school snack.
    • No commute: Goodbye road rage! Millions of Americans commute an hour to and from work each day. Telecommuting saves gas money and the headache of the beltway.
    • Employee retention: each year many employees leave jobs that they enjoy due to relocation concerns. Telecommuting eliminates the number of employees who resign simply because they cannot move.
    • Cost savings: Telecommuting helps companies save significantly by cutting the costs associated with administration staff and real estate fees.
    • Increased productivity: Without being constrained to a single location, there is greater opportunity to complete work throughout the day no matter where you are.

Even business centers that typically offer static office space are now hip to the trend of telecommuting. These business centers, such as AdvantEdge, offer virtual office packages for those who may want a prestigious business address and telephone number, or reception and secretarial services provided for them. Whether they are literal or figurative, there are no walls or boundaries when it comes to telecommuting.

But don’t forget, even though you can work from anywhere, it is okay to turn the Blackberry off every now and then. Everyone deserves a little down time, even if your office for the day is beachside with a view.  :-)

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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