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We Make it Easy to Work From Home!



A lot of our community members have been teleworking with us for over a decade, so it’s no surprise that AdvantEdge provides top-notch infrastructure and support to allow these professionals to work effectively and efficiently at home. Here are a few ways that AdvantEdge makes it easy to run your business from home.

  • Flexible mail service! Since AdvantEdge is a small business, it doesn’t take much time for us to adjust our service for your convenience. We can forward mail to your home, scan important documents to you, and notify you by email whenever something arrives. We can even change our procedure for you mail on a day to day basis depending on your needs.
  • Don’t worry about people blowing up your cell phone! We can handle your incoming phone calls and forward them to you wherever you are, or just take a message and pass it along to you if you’d rather not be bothered. Our professional phone reception service saves you time and gives your business a more professional appearance, and we’ll provide a wall between you and robo-calls so they become an annoyance of the past!
  • We make the transition easy! There is a chance that you might eventually want to transition from your home office to an out-of-home office. When that time comes, we are here to help you make the switch as painless as possible. By the time you feel ready to make the move we will know how you run your business and what we can do to help you run smoothly.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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