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Working From Home Has Never Been This Easy!


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Many of our clients have been teleworking with us for over a decade, so AdvantEdge has plenty of experience catering to the various needs that arise for professionals who are working from home. It’s no accident that we have a flexible membership structure that enables us to customize services on a personal basis to ensure that each of our members can work effectively and efficiently no matter where they are. Here are a few ways that AdvantEdge makes it easy to run your business from home.

  • Your phone, your way! When you join the AdvantEdge community, we'll work together to design your full-time live reception service, creating a unique greeting for your callers and outlining a call-forwarding procedure for your staff. Our awesome Client Services team can transfer calls to you anywhere in the world! Having our staff answer your calls adds a layer of professionality to your business, it also saves you from having to deal with folks who you'd rather not speak with at the moment; we can always take a message and pass it along to you if you're in the middle of an appointment or would just rather not be bothered. Not only will AdvantEdge's live-reception service save you time, but it will also provide a protective barrier between you and robo-calls, so they become an annoyance of the past!

  • You've got mail! At AdvantEdge, being a small business is one of our biggest strengths! Being flexible and transparent allows us to adjust our services at your convenience within a moment's notice. We can forward mail to you at home, scan important documents for you, arrange for courier services, notify you by email whenever something arrives, and even deposit checks on your behalf. We know the business world is constantly changing, so we can even change our procedure for your mail on a day-to-day basis depending on your evolving needs.

  • We make the transition easy! There is a chance that you might eventually want to transition from your home office to an out-of-home office. When that time comes, we are here to make sure the switch is drama-free and you end up in your ideal workspace. By the time you feel that your business is ready to make the move into a permanent private office space, we will learn how you operate your organization and how we can support you in your work.

Give us a call today at 202-686-2888 to find out how you can thrive at work with AdvantEdge!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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