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What Are Executive Office Suites?


Wouldn’t it be great if offices came without the hassle of long-term leases and the expense of utilities, maintenance, and equipment? They do when you choose executive office suites. Executive office suites are fully-serviced office spaces operated by an independent company that are leased-out per office to other businesses, resulting in many companies sharing one office suite.

If you’re interested in learning more about executive office suites in Washington, DC, contact AdvantEdge today by phone at 202-448-1010 or online.

The Benefits of Executive Office Suites

Executive office suites give businesses the opportunity to save time and minimize expenses through shared resources. The advantages of executive office suites over traditional office space include:

    • Flexible, low-risk lease terms starting at one month
    • Fully-furnished offices and common areas included in your monthly rate
    • No additional cost of utilities or the time and hassle required to set them up
    • Maintained by the executive suite company for no additional charge
    • Office equipment, e.g. copy and fax machines, are already set-up and available on a pay-per use basis
    • The opportunity to network with other companies and professionals in your own office
    • The convenience of having all monthly expenses on a single invoice

Executive office suites are a great option for any business looking for quality space with all the amenities included. At AdvantEdge Business Centers, we offer full-time, part-time, long-term, short-term, temporary, permanent, and virtual offices, offering the flexibility to meet any company’s needs. Consider the advantages of fully-serviced executive office suites when looking for new ways to enhance your company’s success.

Find Your Executive Office Suite in Washington, DC

If you’re looking for premium office space in Washington, DC, contact AdvantEdge Business Centers! We have executive office suites available in Downtown DC, the West End, and Chevy Chase Pavilion, fully-equipped with all the amenities your business needs to succeed.

Written by Gabrielle Jones

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