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What Is 'Class A' Office Space?


productive meetings (4)If you have looked into leasing office space in the Washington, DC area, you have likely ran across the term “Class A,” but just what is Class A office space?
Class A designation depends on the local market, but generally Class A office buildings are the most prestigious buildings in a market competing for premier office tenants. Class A office buildings are equipped with high-quality construction and finishes, state-of-the-art technology systems, premier location, exceptional accessibility, and market presence. In addition to these exceptional features and amenities, Class A office space is generally professionally managed, energy efficient, and more expensive than Class B and Class C office space.

Who Uses Class A Office Space?

Class A office space can be used by professionals in any industry, but they are most commonly occupied by high-end tenants like financial institutions, law firms, architectural firms, energy firms, consulting groups, and political organizations.

Class A Office Space in Washington, DC 

AdvantEdge offers premium Class A office space at two convenient Washington, DC locations: Downtown, and Chevy Chase. Our approach to office space is different than conventional office space; unlike traditional commercial real estate companies, we offer Class A office space to our tenants at a fraction of the cost. Our office space is affordable for start-ups, small businesses, home-based businesses, as well as major corporations seeking a satellite office in the nation’s capital.

How Is AdvantEdge Able to Offer Affordable Class A Office Space?

We are able to offer Class A office space at rates significantly below the norm because of the way we lease our office space. In a conventional office setting, you pay for the entire square footage, whether you are using it or not. This means you are paying extra for conference rooms, kitchen areas, break rooms, and bathroom. With AdvantEdge, these costs are included in your monthly rate of your office. Why pay then for conventional office space?

If you are looking for Class A office space in the Washington, DC area, contact AdvantEdge Workspaces today to learn more or schedule a no-obligation tour of any of our three facilities. Call us at 202-448-1010 or simply fill out the contact form on the right and one of our leasing specialists will contact your shortly.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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