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How To Choose The Best Workspace In A Sea Of Choices



No two businesses are alike- so why should offices be the same? A workspace should be reflective of the business in it. A unique space can take a business to the next level. Everyone has seen typical “cookie cutter” offices that rarely reflect the work style or atmosphere of the business in the space.

There are many different types of workspaces to fit one’s needs, but determining the best fit for your business can be overwhelming. We have gathered the essential facts- now it is your turn to see which of the five workspace profiles fits you the best!

Virtual Offices

downtown-rooftop-with logo.jpg

Worker Profile:

-Works from home
-Travels frequently
-Dreads coming home to a full mailbox and 10 packages on the stoop
-Wants to create illusion that they work in an office rather than from their couch in sweatpants

It’s 4:58 PM. You’re ready to wrap up work for the day and head to happy hour. Then the phone rings. It’s an unknown number so you assume it is a client. Oh well, happy hour can wait another 10 minutes. But it is not a client. It is Great Aunt Susan who you haven’t spoken to in a year. She wants to “see how your life is” which is code for “you’re about to talk to her for an hour.” No more happy hour, and all because your work phone and personal phone are the same.

Reclaim your happy hour and invest in a virtual office! Virtual office space is perfect for those who need office amenities without the full-time physical office space. A virtual office is an insurance that privacy is kept while growing a business.

It provides a professional address and phone number for people to use. When a client calls, they will be directed first to reception, who will then contact you to see if it's a good time to accept the call. Bye, bye long chats with Great Aunt Susan, hello happy hour!

Coworking Space

downtown coworking spaces with logo.jpgWorker Profile:
- Loves the coffee shop atmosphere for working
- Tired of fighting students for a seat near outlets
- Thrives around others
- Thinks there is nothing more claustrophobic than a cubicle

You head to the coffee shop early in the morning, ready to snag your favorite seat near the window. Everything is going well… until you realize that it’s midterms week at the university and the shop is filled with students cramming for exams. Students in YOUR seat. Don’t they know you have work to do? Thus begins your search for a new place to work, going from place to place until you find a spot with some form of peace and quiet.

Does that scenario sound familiar? If your needs can no longer be met by the nearest coffee shop, then it is time to move to a coworking space. It’s a coffee shop atmosphere at a professional level. An open space filled with other professionals without the hassle of dealing with people who aren’t trying to get work done- what could be better?

Private Office Space

private office with logo.jpgWorker Profile:
- Likes human interaction but is easily distracted
- Handles confidential information
- Needs full privacy
- Still traumatized by Linda, the desk neighbor who couldn’t stop talking about her wedding

You wouldn’t dare work in a coffee shop. How are you supposed to take a confidential call if there are people around? Not to mention the noise and small tables do not jive with your work style. A private space and a large desk with ample room for papers, knick-knacks and multiple electronic devices is more your speed. However, you envy those who work in large open spaces and crave the casual conversations and energy that other people can bring to your day.

A private office with big-business amenities is the best of both worlds. People are there if you need them, but the goal is to have more of a space to call your own. This type of space allows you to tune out the world or be friendly- it’s up to you to chose.

Private Office Suite

executive suite with logo-1.jpgWorker Profile:
- Part of a multi-employee group
- Need a private space for more than one person
- A business that wants their own branding on the door
- Requires more space than a one-room office

Are you currently crammed into a space with 5 other people that is meant for two? Is there barely enough room to put your bag on the ground? Can you smell your co-workers breath as you try to get things done?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, your business is ready for a private office suite. Having a few employees is a tricky gray area to be in. Not big enough for a traditional commercial lease yet too big for a large office. An private office suite will solve those problems, providing you with an entryway, multiple offices and in some cases a seating area.

Meeting Spaces

Meeting room with logo.jpg

Worker Profile:
- Happy with current daily work situation
- Feels guilty commanding all the tables at a coffee shop for a meeting 
- Occasionally needs a private space for meetings 
- Requires a professional environment for people to meet in

Working from home is great… until you need to have a meeting. You think the coffee shop will work - there are lots of tables and it is generally quiet. But then people are trying to crowd around a tiny table, getting closer to each other than they ever wanted to. And everyone has to huddle around a single laptop. And the sound for the cool video you found? Good luck trying to hear it over the espresso machine.

When a group becomes greater than two, it is time to find a professional meeting space. Impress clients and co-workers with a full-service meeting room that includes coffee and tea, administrative support, technical support and a modern, comfortable room.

Now that you know what workspace is best for you, it is time to take action. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we provide all of the aforementioned solutions. Take control of your workday and contact us to see how we can help take your business to the next level!

Written by Juliana Levinson

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